Swati Nakshatra- The Swift And Mighty Nakshatra In The Sky

Though many people are fond of zodiac prediction, particularly during a new year or so, it is very common to find that even though two people share the same zodiac, their characteristics are way too different from one another. Expert Vedic Astrologers explain that it happens because of these two individuals belong to different nakshatra. Each nakshatra has it’s one set of features and today, we will discuss one such special nakshatra. So, let’s understand some crucial aspects of Swati nakshatra from the point of view of Vedic astrology.

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Swati is the 15th nakshatra out of 27 nakshatras. It has the following attributes associated with them.

Range – Starts at 6.40 degrees and end at 20 degrees in Libra

Meaning – Independent, sword

Shakti – Pradhvamsa shakti that can make things Scatter like the wind

Deity – Vayu (Wind god)

Symbol– Sapling that represents the enormous potential of growth

Ruling Planet – Rahu

Gana – Dev Gana (god-like)

Caste – Vaishya

Astronomical Name – Arcturus

Quality – Movable

Animal – Male buffalo

Element – Fire

Guna – Tamasic

Dosha – Kapha

Bird – Honey Bee

Tree – Arjuna Tree

Essential Oil – Cardamom oil

Mudra – Vayu Mudra

As per medical astrology, every nakshatra natives are more prone to have some of the other health complications. But thankfully, Vedic astrologers also offer some remedies. Practising the Vayu mudra and using cardamom oil is often helpful to relieve stress and settle the mind at the home itself.

Some famous personalities who are native to this nakshatra are Charlie Chaplin, Mahatma Gandhi, Sigmund Freud, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Kevin Kline. There are many other amazing factors about Swati nakshatra as well. If you are interested to know more, you can consult with me personally.

There are altogether 27 nakshatras, and every nakshatra is special in their own way. Many times I come across people who yearn to know more about them. So, I offer a nakshatra course from time to time. Currently, I am all set to start my set 2 nakshatra analysis course in which I am going to cover up 9 nakshatra from, Magha to Jyeshta. For more details about Swati Nakshatra you can checkout these videos: 

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