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Vedic Astrologer in India & Tarot Coach

Astro Anuradha empowers you to step forward happily in life

In life we endure many problems and issues. Astrology is a tool that helps us understand life and work in a manner to make it smoother and simpler as our birth chart shows both aspects of life – material as well as spiritual. I, Anuradha, can help you to understand your birth chart with the current situation and issues in your life and make you understand how to navigate through these problems and come out victorious.

For those who are spiritually inclined and understand that the soul’s journey is all about uplifting oneself to a different level. Astrology is one of the best ways to understand which way is the easiest to attain that goal.

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Astro Anuradha has more than 20 years in the field of The Occult. What started out as an interest, developed and progressed as a part of life…

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