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Neena Bidikar

Hello Anuradhaji, I have a great experience in tarot, you are an excellent teacher, Teaching qualities that I really appreciate and liked, is, clear voice, loud enough to hear and understand, your pace of speech is very good to get to understand every word. The PPTs are impeccable. Good part is we have the recordings so can hear you every time and get inspired. You are firm, gentle, yet patient, and there is a good flow of information, the description of every card, specially the court cards were very, very good. Loved your questions/quiz on the group, that made it more interesting, only wish we had more of it, as it keeps your mind tingling. Loved the 4-card spread, I really need to practice to get a full hang of it. At this age retention is a huge issue, so have to work harder. Really excited and cannot wait to know more spreads. Bettina also has been a great help and find her very efficient in what she does, though not much interaction with her. Warm Regards

Mukti Devi

Indeed, Anuradha Ji is a great teacher, not only a tarot but also a brilliant Jyotish teacher! I´m very blessed to be able to learn under her guidance

Sigita Bagdoniene

Namaste Dear Teacher Anuradha Ji, The course is very interesting, and unique. Completely other angle of the perception to the Taro. Very clear format of the course, very well organized. It was really the pleasure for the mind and soul to learn in this course. The course I must say, is unique – specially to see Taro via the Jyotish, elements (it opened the eyes) in Jyotish. It was very interesting to overview with the Teacher and the group the symbolic (links with Indian mythology) of the Arcana, the dominating colors, directions, timing etc. Many new clues I learned and updated the old knowledge. I learned the new spreads. Chakra spread is unique and very interesting to interpret. It was a privilege to learn from You, Anuradha Ji, the practitioner of the Taro and astrology. Also, as added value I can mention, the course in the small group. If it would be the idea to make 2cond part for the Taro course, to practice the spreads or the separate course on the combinations, or astrology and Taro – I would attend with the pleasure. I was learning and practicing Taro by myself years ago (never attend any courses etc.). I left aside Taro, when I started to dive deep in to the religion and to learn Jyotish. Now I see Taro in another light and Taro came back as additional tool to Jyotish. Thank You for the sharing of Your rare knowledge again. And many thanks for Bettina for all her efforts in this course

Olga Reeb

Thank you very much for your follow up. The course has been great so far, I feel blessed to have found your school to start studying this subject. Everything is very clear on the level that is being taught right now, and all the information is presented in a beautiful and inspiring way; now it’s only up to us to memorize it. Of course it requires a lot of self studies, and as it was recommended in the beginning, I have read Dr. Charak’s books (twice:), I’m reading BPHS and regularly look through PPTs that you send and watch videos. Studying Astrology is a hard work, but I believe it is one of the most noble sciences and even without making any predictions, I feel happy to be involved in it. Thank you and all the teachers again! Kind regards,

Sheila Benke

Dear Anuradha, From all the lessons we have had I think you are a good and knowledgeable teacher. The classes are interesting and all of you have taken pains to help the students clear their doubts. The course hat been put together with a lot of thought and planning. The Explanations given by yourself are very clear and I am really happy. Thanks for taking all the pains in providing extra help. If I am not very good at this yet is not the folly of the teacher but me. What impressed me most is that for most people financial gains is the priority but in these classes I do not see or feel it.

Sundar Ramanathan

I have and am learning for several years and chose you for your sincerity and cultural back ground I feel your material is well presented and I am benefiting Please keep on doing your courses and I for one will subscribe especially to topics on Vargas Dashas including special Dasha systems etc


Pranam Ma’am, First of all, I feel very grateful having been taught Nakshatra course by you. Reflecting back after 16 classes, I write following points which I liked the most: a) Course content is elaborate and detailed. b) Your treatment of students is very encouraging. c) Best part of the classes is learning from the Puranic Stories. d) You give answers to all our questions, even stupid ones, which is very generous. Overall experience in your classes has been very rejuvenating since this has greatly opened my thought process.


Respected ma’am the nakashtra course is one of best,i have attended till now. very well organised, excellent presenatation, great content. All the hardwork and honest eagerness to share knowledge is simply awesome. very pleasing graceful personality As an individual madam has earned great respect in my mind for all above qualities. I sincerely wish to attend more courses in future with ma’m Anuradha Sharda. Its great course and if both positive and negative traits rendered to the native by various nakshatras and if there are any sure shot impacts in any manner can be emphasised in ppt will be a boon to all the attendees and especially lazy like me; who also look for some madaari tricks. I know that this will further increase the amount of hardwork already invested in such an economical course.

Anu Jain

Madam, Many many congratulations on the publishing of your book ’27 NAK and 27 DAYS. I wish to buy it. As watching your video on’ YouTube ‘ and the discussion of the ADRA NAK of your NAK. class The horoscope in which divorce was discussed, was very much true there was too much interference of In-laws which agree the key point of NAK and the lord of NAK RAHU is in 9th H. The brother of spouse made a mistake and insulted him. I am writing this because you always say see the colour of NAK. and the chart promises. I am very thankful to god that I found u as my teacher. You are superb mam. Also, a small request plz share the remedies of the NAK. I am sorry M not so good in writing. May be my mercury is not so good. Thanks

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