Prashna Analysis: A Way to Get Answers for Certain Questions

For those of you who don’t understand the meaning of Prashna, it literally means, question or query. In our life, we come across a lot of such questions that we tend to ask before making a major decision. As per Vedic astrologers in India, these Prashnas can be answered before you do anything drastic.

There are several types of questions one might put forth, like Will I get a promotion? Will I have a successful marriage? Will I have a baby? and so on. You might think that how can anyone answer these questions beforehand. Well, the universe has all these answers to your questions. All you need is an experienced and well-known Vedic astrologer. They can see beyond the normal line of sight and help you get answers to those. With the help of their extensive knowledge, expertise, and intuition, a well-experienced Vedic astrologer will draw charts to evaluate how to answer the query.

The chart holds all the answers to the query of that moment and then an astrologer with his or her intuition and expertise are able to answer the query. The Prashna session will not require any birth details of yours. However, the questions need to be specific. If the questions are of yes and no variety then your chart will give fantastic results.

But that doesn’t mean you can ask any type of questions and you will get the answers. An astrologer is not going to tell you whether you are going to win a lottery or not. Many Vedic astrologers take at least five days in order to analyze the scenario and evaluate. They offer the best possible way to address it for good, only after extensive study. They also don’t give you the solution magically. You will need to make efforts to get the best results. This analysis will simply guide you towards the right path of putting forward, instead of fruitlessly going through trial and error methods.

It is said that when correctly cast, the Prashna chart will hold not only the answer but also the question. On making the Prashna chart, skilled Vedic astrologers in India have even revealed the question itself. One important thing to remember about this chart is, that if you ask a non-serious question, or ask without true desire and intent then it will not give you the correct answer.

So, if you want any Prashna answered regarding your life then book your consultation with me today.

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