Jupiter Transits to Mula Nakshatra in Sagittarius


Sanskrit English

मूल adj. original

मूल n. root

मूल n. source

मूल n. basis

मूल n. base

Moola means basics or the root. The center of the galaxy lies in the asterism of the stars that make the Moola Nakshatra, so this Nakshatra becomes the fulcrum of the existence for the Milky Way.

It is said that at the advent of a planet in Moola Nakshatra, relief is felt in diseases. We can relate this fact to Ayurveda which is based on the use of plants, their roots, and leaves to cure diseases.

The roots have the ability to penetrate the solid earth and move deep within the bowels. They have the ability to withstand and work their way through opposition and emerge victoriously. Getting to the base of things is what this Nakshatra is good at. They are devoted to a cause. Moola is represented by a bunch of tied roots and as such shows either getting together all the resources to a point of concentration to get work done or it refers to the tying of hands due to certain limitations of the person concerned and working within those limitations to get to fulfill the cause at hand.

Jyestha represents the highest power or achievements possible for mankind and sees an insurgence of ego in such achievements. For the Divine Grace to be experienced, the wall of ego has to be let go off. This happens in the Nakshatra of Moola where Nirruti acts as the deity of destruction to begin a new chapter of synthesis of a better, more humble human being with a deep sense of gratitude for the Divine. This is the area where the sense of new development with the help of Divine energy can be felt and experienced.

A person on the lower rungs of evolutionary growth feels the need to control much of his life and Moola acts in a manner which is very opposed to it. As much as the person tries to control, that much of it moves out of the person’s control, making the person nervous, intense, paranoid and results in a violent personality.


Jupiter is said to be a benefice of the first order. It is the one with the most points in the Ashtakvarga system. It bestows one with a lot of happiness and material benefits to lead a comfortable life in addition to spiritual growth. As the Guru of the Devtas, Jupiter teaches us the ability to work on principles and also teaches us the Brihaspati Samhita shastra or the Laws of politics. It teaches us to follow the path of the righteous.

Jupiter is an expansive planet and so it shows expansion in the house it sits. Being the Guru of the Devtas, it establishes supremacy over the house it sits and owns.

As Jupiter transits in its own House of Sagittarius, it would deal with very strong vibrations and energies. These energies when associated with the Moola Nakshatra lead to very dramatic changes in life which may alter the life path and thought processes.

The Karakas for Jupiter are

Brahmins, teachers and Gurus, religious and social duties, chariots, infantry, money, treasure, capital, large and stout body, valour, fame, logic, astrology and astronomy, sons and grandson, complaints of the digestive system, mimansa or enquiry into jurisprudence, nature of the Dharma, Vedanta system of philosophy, wealth, elders like great grandfather, elder brother, grandfather, Indra, second half of winter, Acts arising from great indignation, precious stones, tradesman Physical health, strange or Peculiar Palace, honour from the King, great Gods, penance, Charity, Dharma, doing good to others, impartial Outlook, facing towards the north, circular forms, yellow colour, wandering In The villages, North, dear friends, swinging on a plank or an elephant, great eloquence, brain, cloth of medium count, happiness in a newly built house, old age or old persons, Mantra, Holy Water or place of pilgrimage, knee, moving towards heaven, houses that offers happiness, intellect, great proficiency, great long poems, Towers, delighting or impressing an audience, throne, installation of the ideal of Brahma, cats eye or lasunia, the great result of Agnihothram sacrifice, sweet juices, satvik nature, happiness and unhappiness, long, gentle or benefic, understanding the mind and thoughts of others, gold, decorations, Tantra or technical subjects and the like, wind complaints, Phlegm, good yellow Topaz, sound knowledge of the sacred texts and scriptures, soft and pleasant stones, worship of Shiva, performing religious and moral act strictly, travelling in a carriage covered on the four sides.

Jupiter shows a very strong effect in the first 10* degrees of Sagittarius as it is its Moolatrikona zone. Here Jupiter acts as the Judge that it is and dispenses with Justice at a very fundamental level.

16 types of wealth bestowed by Jupiter

1. Fame

2. Knowledge

3. Courage and strength

4. Victory

5. Children

6. Valour

7. Gold, precious stones, valuables

8. Grains

9. Happiness

10. Bliss

11. Intelligence

12. Beauty

13. Higher goals, thinking, and meditative states

14. Morality and ethics

15. Health

16. Long life



For the Aries Lagna, as Jupiter returns to its own house as the 9th Lord, it heralds a number of changes in life. It brings in a deep-seated need in the native to move towards the study for higher knowledge and a quest to know it from the basics. It also indicates a time when the native would be forced to review and revise his or her ethical and religious beliefs and work on turning them into a spiritual effect in life. A change in terms of letting go and accepting losses can be seen as it would just mean an end to chapter and the beginning of another one. It also indicates a time when you may come across a person who will have a major influence on your thought process and your perception which would open a whole world of knowledge for you. It would also reflect on your generosity and ability to connect with the universal forces. It is a good period to start working on your marriage in a totally new way.


For the Taurus Lagna, Jupiter as the 8th Lord and 11th Lord transits the 8th House. It reflects a period of sudden change and intense study of the paranormal and occult forces. It represents a change in one’s fortune and their ability to sustain a regular income. It is the period when a person is likely to bring about some fundamental restructuration in their organization to bring in more income and stability. It would also see an influx of friends in life and participation in new organizations. This period observes the breaking of old beliefs and relationships and the blossoming of new ones.


For the Gemini Lagna, the 7th Lord and the 10th moves in the 7th House in Moola Nakshatra. This represents a period of reshuffling your business and also starting a business or taking a new approach to associations and work. It is the time when you find an area of work or an opportunity to start a new chapter in your work and personal life. There may be instances where your married life calls for a search into the basics to find out the problems, if any and get a new outlook to solve the same. It is also the time when you should be able to garner appreciation for your hard work and make a clear standing. Starting out afresh brings in its own set of emotional turmoil but it also can be therapeutic to let go of old energy which is replaced by a rejuvenated and fresh breath which promotes growth and success.


For the Cancer Lagna, the 6th and the 9th Lord transits to the 6th House in Moola Nakshatra. This is one of the best times to take a careful look at your health status. This time gives you ample opportunity to explore within and check out your bad habits which have lingered with you so far. As Jupiter transits its own sign representing righteous behavior, it gives you enough strength to work out any indiscretions and poor health issues. Once these issues are addressed during this transit, it would go a long way in the successful implementation and reap benefits for the same. It is also a time when you would be able to reach to the root cause of any social problem or court cases you are involved in and be able to deal with the same in a very unbiased manner. It would prove to be beneficial for you in the long run. Structuring and increasing your database and work will help you in the expansion of your business and job.


For the Leo Lagna, the 5th Lord and the 8th Lord transits the 5th House. This is a golden period when changes in the system are very easily accessible and acceptable. It is the time when life would seem to begin from the fundamentals and your environment around you would be in a constant state of improvement. It is the time when life will bring you pleasant surprises which will have an everlasting effect on you. Children will have lots of new changes coming their way and you may find yourself in a new situation or relationship with them. They are likely to go abroad for their educational venture or job and begin life in a very different manner altogether.


For the Virgo Lagna, the 4th Lord and the 7th Lord transits the 4th House. In the Moola Nakshatra, this heralds a beginning of the search for a new house and a need to feel happy. It is the time when life is likely to give you reasons for happiness and you are likely to find new treasures coming your way that will help you remain chirpy and balanced. However, one needs to be actively accepting new changes that can be seen and understood. It is important in aspect and with Jupiter going retrograde soon, it will reflect on your need to redo and rework on your happiness and home to set a few things right before you finally hit the right spot.


For the Libra Lagna, the 3rd Lord and the 6th Lord transits the 3rd House. It is the house of initiatives and friends. This transit suggests that you are likely to come across new people with whom you are going to start a new endeavour and find success. However, you may need to reconsider your endeavour once Jupiter starts retrograde motion and finally will be able to implement the decision by October. It is also the time when your siblings are likely to play an important role in your life. They are likely to give some sound advice and directions to you.


For the Scorpio Lagna, the 2nd Lord and the 5th Lord moves into its own house, the 2nd House. This is an active period for gain of wealth. As it moves into the house of Jurisprudence, it brings forth all the moral and ethical issues into the forefront. It is likely that you may make some fundamental changes in your old investments or make some new investments which may need restructuration at a later date. It is a time when life will center around family and setting things up in new ways. New members may be inducted in the family.


As the Lagna Lord returns to the Lagna, it brings with it a lot of changes in your life. It may be a very hectic first 10 days of April bringing up on you the need to put in your new front forward but it will find retrace in the coming months. It is likely that 

you will start making those fundamental decisions regarding your life and your home but may have to turn back as a few of these plans may not be properly developed. It would come to pass that you will be able make great strides in the first week of April which should be a great opportunity for you to work with. It can be a great time to work on the foundations of the new you and take it up further later on. However, few old chapters need to be closed before you can enter fully into this new zone so use the retrograde period to closing old accounts.


For the Capricorn Lagna, the 12th Lord transits into the 12th House. This opens an entirely new world to be explored. Be it the world of spiritual advancements or the world of foreign travel. This transit would lead an everlasting impact in life as it is a time when the Lagna Lord conjoins with the 12th Lord and Ketu to bring forth revelations to you. It would make you very charitable and be good at selfless services. This in return will bring about a change in your personality and your thought process. Your ability to connect with people also increases and there would be an increase in your social networking and knowledge. As Jupiter retrogrades, it would give you a scope to set right a few situations as regards your income and your family which would ease things when Jupiter got direct again.


For the Aquarius Lagna, Jupiter moves into the 11th House. In Moola Nakshatra, it effects the increase in your income from a new source and would be instrumental in bringing you a lot of recognition and accolades from new avenues. It is also when a spouse would also gather a lot of clout and recognition. A spouse can also actively help and be a partner in every sense. A new circle of associates seems to be appearing on the horizon. However, you would need to consider and filter this as Jupiter goes retrograde within a few days. Once you have established your contacts and job profile properly, you are likely to have one of the most profiting periods for life.


For the Pisces Lagna, the Lagna Lord and the 10th Lord transits the 10th House and brings about a lot of changes in your work. It is time to pull up your socks and create new and dynamic channels of earning. You need to bring about fundamental changes in your professional life. It is the time to Let go of the old without trepidation and to make way for new shoots to rise up. This will set the tone for an entirely new cycle of Jupiter which will also affect your personal growth as Jupiter is also your Lagna Lord. When Jupiter retrogrades into Scorpio, you will find a need to revise and review your changes again and counsel an elderly to make the foundations strong such that it would take you to great heights. Your father is also likely to an excellent income coming his way. There could be some new addition to your home.

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