Rahu Ketu return is defined as the period when the nodes return to the position they were placed in the Natal Chart. Rahu and Ketu return singles a period of between 18 to 19 years. For example, if Rahu for a person is placed in Gemini then this return would be 17 to 18 years or multiple of it as the age of the person.

As per my observation, it is a very intense situation. Ketu is, as I always say the inlet of Karma and Rahu the outlet of Karma.

As we are all put on this planet to finish off certain Karmas and repay certain debts, Rahu helps us in expanding these factors.

It is through Rahu and its trines that we work off the Karma.

The return of Rahu and Ketu on their natal position sees an ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. There would be definite shades and reverberations of the old the cycle but in an entirely new flavour. The signs and the houses related to these returns play a big role.

Here, we can give the analogy of a tree. The deeper and inward the penetration of the roots, the more we see the growth of the trunk, the branches and the more developed the fruits become. The Karma becomes more and more ripe and its ability to bear fruit intensifies.


Gemini is the 3rd House of the Natural Zodiac and represents communication – in all its form. Telephones, Wireless, Internet, Cables, Television, the YouTube, fax, computers, Mails- physical and emails. To maintain the system of communication, we need information and that too is a part of this sign. So, all forms of communication and information – top to bottom belongs to this sign. As songs from the times of the Vedas have been a source of conveying information so singing also falls in this sign. Information is unbiased and direct so practical is what Gemini is all about. It is a sign which has a good side of communication for use of profit earning in a business. The more secure Gemini, the more is the ability to market and earn profit. Writing and oratorship including advertising is the skillset of Gemini. Thoughts that are forever jumping like monkeys from one tree to another without any connectivity will also fall in this sign.


Sagittarius is the sign of luck and laughter and the centaur, as represented by Chiron was known for his knowledge and grace. Unlike other centaurs who were said to be savage, he had the ability to heal others with his with his vast knowledge of medicine and was said to be very wise too. Wisdom and luck, accomplishments and learnings are what Sagittarius represents. It represents our inner essence of truth and morals and our ability to bring these factors in the forefront our life. It represents our ability to take the high moral ground in most difficult of situations and yet stand tall. Consequently, it represents the Abundance within which reflects on the outside too. Speed, agility and grace are also represented by this sign. With wisdom comes philosophy and higher learnings, leaning towards the need to understand others and consequently other cultures too.

Chiron reminds us that when we recognise and develop an understanding about our inner wounds, we would be able to heal others and more importantly ourselves.


For Aries Lagna, the Rahu/ Ketu return signifies the need to study and delve deeper in higher knowledge and acknowledge the truth within to rise higher in life. As Ketu gets associated with Saturn, the 10th and 11th Lord for a considerable period, it is time for you to delve deep and gather a strong understanding about your career and your associations. This will give you a startling insight into your surroundings. Rahu, on the other hand sees you move up in your ladder and ability to converse, teach and take new initiatives in life which opens an entirely new pathway leading to new friends and developments in life.


For the Taurus Lagna, Ketu return to the 8th House of meditation, sadhna, sexuality, other people’s money and in laws. As the return happens, it brings with it the need to delve deeper in these issues and learn to understand how they work. It also brings with it a turbulent phase of understanding that physical relationships without a meaning lead us to devastating self esteem and our search for something more intensifies. It is through our sadhana and a recognition of the need to understand the Divine through learning gives us peace and clarity. Rahu operates for us to open up new and meaningful relationships when we acknowledge the truth of Ketu within. It gives a clarity of focus and our sense of administration will strengthen as we come in connect with our inner self more and more.


For the Gemini Lagna, Ketu return to its 7th position and Rahu returns to the Lagna. 7th House represents friends and associates, desires, path or way, spouse, travel and marital relationships. Ketu returns to the 7th House of Sagittarius implies that a person needs to make a deep inroad into these areas and find their essence in these associations. It means an evaluation of these karakas of life, going deep within and finding its value in life. Rahu then gives one the confidence and the need to express these in life through communication and courage. This is an intense period as one would find a total turn around in life. It is as an entire new part of life is on the rise, a dramatic turn from the one lived earlier.


For the Cancer Lagna, Ketu returns to the 6th House of service, arms and ammunition, enemies, diseases, litigation, extramarital affairs, humiliation and much more. There could be instances in life in the coming months when these emotions or situations are likely to be faced by us. However, it will teach one to look deeply within and experience these feelings to the core and understand as to what was their cause. Then, one would find the operation of Rahu taking place where the person learns to let go of the unwanted and undesirable in life, could be unhealthy habits which caused illness and hospitalization and further realisation to take care of health, it could also be litigations and law suits which help one to understand the Karmic retribution and let go of people or things which have lived by their expiry date in your life. It could also be taking up service in a particular foreign company and hence travelling abroad. In all instances, these changes in life will be marked and will herald a new phase of life.


For the Leo Lagna, Ketu returns to the 5th House of power, position, government, intelligence, children, stomach or digestive system, traditional knowledge, spiritual practices, mantras, grandparents, higher education etc. With Sagittarius holding similar qualities, the experience becomes intensified. A person goes in an inner journey to transverse the landscape within and understand the importance of these factors in life. As these factors – at least a few of them start getting imbibed in life, life starts to change its direction and Rahu as the outlet starts manifesting on a different level. One would observe an increase in research and accomplishments. There could also be a marriage in the family for people who have their 3rd return which would change equations in life. It is a possibility that with your research activities going full scale, this Rahu may bring you a great deal of recognition for it also returns to the highest Upachaya House, the 11th House.


For the Virgo Lagna, Ketu returns to the 4th House of family, home, mother, motherland, vehicles, kingdom, perfumes, ornaments, academics, comforts, grace and happiness, prosperity etc. Ketu creates situations in life that will bring the above issues to the forefront and the person will be forced to act on these issues deeply. On the onset, it may seem that they are trivial matter but over a period of time, these very factors bring in so much of change that in the next 9 years, half return of the Rahu Ketu axis, life becomes totally changed. Rahu when it starts to expand, brings in a new job or position due to having taken up an earlier course or gain set skills as depicted by Ketu. It could also bring in marriage as the 10th House also denotes mother-in-law. It could bring in fame and name because of your academic set skills and your ability to be prosperous.


For the Libra Lagna, Ketu returns to the 3rd House of friends, valour, brothers, communication, short travels, prowess, courage, accomplishments and writings. This is a time when one needs to find a reason or an increased state of activity in these areas of life and understand its effect in life on a long-term basis. As one would be on a learning curve on these areas of life, one could find an outward expression of a person standing up with courage to their elders and society for letting go of a few traditional norms and taking up a few new ones to fit in today’s world. One could also experiment with a new form of learning which begin different from the traditional forms brings in a total change in outlook and attitude.


For the Scorpio Lagna, Ketu transits in the 2nd House of family, administration, wealth, education, food, speech, imagination, visual power etc. When the person delves deeper into finding avenues to bring in wealth for the family, he would definitely see a change in the expression of Rahu, that is he would find a sudden change being heralded in life. This change will bring in a total new outlook and maybe a little gruesome in the beginning but on the long run, it does bring in a beautiful and a self-appreciating period for all ahead. A change in your finance could bring about a need for the spouse to take up or give up her/his job that could result in a major change in your household activities.


For the Sagittarius Lagna, it is the herald of Ketu in the 1st House or the Lagna. The Lagna is all about health, vitality, body, physical appearance, dignity, prosperity, habits, in fact all the facts of life are to be considered first from the Lagna. So, for the Sagittarius Lagna, this represents an intense period for all to understand and find changes in life happening on these fronts. A person may question his/her abilities and desires as a person and may take stands on certain issues which may bring about with Rahu in the 7th House a change in their public image or a change in their relationship with life partners. It could also see you climbing a different scale with your courage and initiative abilities on the social platform that will bring in out a side of you which may on the long run startle not just others but even you.


For the Capricorn Lagna, Ketu returns to the 12th House of Moksha, sadhna, inner quest, a need to get in touch with the Divine, losses, taxes, ashrams, pilgrimages, hospitals, foreign travels, donations, charities, intoxications. This is one of the best transits as Ketu moves in the 12th House and its sign of exaltation. As Ketu takes a journey in these areas of life, one finds themselves searching for the true meaning of their purpose and possibly trying to delve deeper into occult. Rahu plays its part effectively by creating opportunities by way of jobs and services, a need to take care of one’s health and business opportunities. As business acumen is at its best in this phase, one can reopen litigation cases and go in for a victory or kill. Learning to let go or the art of gifting will come a long way in enhancing your personality.


For the Aquarius Lagna, Ketu transits over the 11th House of gains, spouse and child, inventions, accomplishments, elder siblings, one’s desires, income, ambitions, friends, society, invention, success in undertaking etc. This is the area of work that a person is allocated to work out in this cycle of Rahu Ketu return. It is likely that you would go in deep research about things that make people tick and try studying about human relationships to understand and create new behavioral patterns in your life. Your relationships with spouse or child or for that matter your elder siblings could demand more from you and bring about a change in your perception of life. Your deepest desires could manifest in life to bring about a change in your luck too.


For the Pisces Lagna, Ketu transits in your 10th House, the greatest of Kendras and also its place of exaltation. 10th House represents Karma, bosses, work, profession, gains and recognition, mother in law, our aptitude to work on various aspects of our life, etc. This return transit brings in a load of work us in terms of starting a new job or a new business development. It could be an exciting opportunity to showcase latent talents within you, things you were not aware of. Consequently, Rahu finds an expression in you being accepted by the masses and being applauded for doing something different and new. If you are able to give your education and skill a proper direction in this period, it will see you reaching good heights. However, being a kendra return, it will show turbulence during the initial period which if crossed with grit and determination will lead to great success

The Rahu Ketu return not only gives us an ability to repay our Karma on certain issues of life pertaining to the houses they transit but the return also gives us a wide range of potential within us to be explored and worked on. What initially starts out as a petrifying change because we are all afraid and resistant to change, becomes a beautiful journey of development.

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