Ask The Right Prashna At The Right Time!

In this unpredictable life, often we encounter situations, we cannot resolve on our own. It is best to admit it and look for help. For instance, when you cannot understand academics on your own, it is wise to seek the help of a teacher, even if it means outside your academic hours. Or when your regular cup of herbal tea is not helping to soothe down your sore throat, it is best to seek for medicine from a doctor. Similarly, there are times, when we are surrounded by uncertainty, so much that self-efforts does very little to fix it. Vedic astrology can offer detailed insights into it. Let us understand how.

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As I quoted a couple of situations just now, imagine yourself handling the same. How will fix your academic problem or a sore throat? Simple, by asking the right question to the respective gurus. Like how can I improve my math, or what can I do to get over this flu, right? The same applies to the Vedic astrology as well. We call it asking ‘prashnas’. Prashna itself means questions and such a session is called a prashna analysis. However, there are a few things that make this prashna consultation fruitful.

These things are-

1. Asking The Right Prashna.

What prashna you should ask? Well, obviously the ones that concern you the most in the current time, like ‘how my new startup can flourish in the future?’. However, the absurd ones such as ‘will there be a world war 3?’ are not appreciated.

2. Asking The Right Person

There are many people who offer such consultation. However, you need to be careful before going for it. It is wise to first go through the reviews of other people who have benefited from them, at first, Though astrologers from several parts of the world are nowadays taking interest in the same, it is best to go for Indian Vedic astrologers who are native and more proficient in this particular aspect.

3. Asking On The Right Time

These prashna consultation do not include some mumbo jumbo and spending money, instead, a good Vedic astrologer will offer some suggestion or remedies to address the prashna. Needless to say, a correct time frame is quite crucial.

Online Prashna Course

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