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“The Magician”- The First Trump Card In The Most Tarot Decks

21, Jun 2019 Blog

“The Magician”- The First Trump Card In The Most Tarot Decks

The Magician tarot card is also known as ‘the juggler’ or ‘the magus’. It is used as the first trump card in the most traditional tarot card. The Magician tarot card is considered as number ‘one’ card in the major arcana. The card in the tarot deck showing a man is standing with stretching his one arm towards the universe and the other arm is pointing down to the earth. The Magician wearing a cloak with a white robe, which symbolizes ‘purity’ and the cloak represents knowledge.

On the table in front of the Magician, the symbols of the four Tarot suits signify the Classical elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Beneath are roses and lilies, the ‘Flos Campi’ and ‘Lilium convallium’, changed into garden flowers, to show the culture of aspiration. The Magician also represents new beginnings and new opportunities. This tarot has also two sides- Upright Magician tarot, Reversed Magician tarot.


Let’s find out about the two tarot cards-

Upright Magician Tarot Card:

The upright Tarot is all about manifestation. This manifestation card will bring you enough resources, energy, the power to manifest your dreams. The card also represents new opportunities, which point you to move forward with the new opportunities or the ideas. You must have a clear intuition of your goals. Your goals cannot be done with ego (status, fame, money). On the contrary, your goals and intention should be connected with your soul.

Once you are sure about the goals and intuition, the Magician will advise you to take action. To bring frutation toward your goals, you need to be more attentive and focused on what you want and why you want. Focus on only one thing at a time.

Reversed Magician Tarot Card:

The reversed Magician can indicate not taking any action towards your goals. It could be that you are uncertain about your goals and intuition or you cannot make it happen. The reversed Magician will show that you are struggling to make it happen and the struggle you are doing is not progressing.

On the other hand, this reversed tarot card can also indicate greed and manipulation. If your intuition is not enough to clear, maybe you will not achieve the goals you want to achieve. Sometimes you may fall into this trap unintentionally. Though you have enough skills, knowledge, capabilities, your potential isn’t maximized. Maybe you are not allowing yourself to the highest, or not exploring the unexplored.

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