Tithi Pravesh

At the time of our birth, the Sun and Moon are at an angle with each other. This angle gives rise to a mathematical connection called Tithi.

A tithi can be described as a distance of 12 Degrees covered by the Moon, away or towards the Sun.

When it moves away from the Sun, it moves into the Shukla Paksha or the Bright Half and when it moves towards the Sun, it moves into Krishna Paksha or the dark half.

Every year, when the Sun returns to its original position as in the Natal Chart, during one of the days in that Solar month, it makes the same angle or tithi with the Moon as in the Natal Chart. This is known as Tithi Pravesh. The Tithi Pravesh for the year is an accurate description of what a native is likely to undergo in the coming year and, as per me (purely my opinion from my experiences), is more accurate.

It is a combination of the Transit Chart and the Natal Chart which brings into account the Karma accumulated by us in this lifetime also.

In the Natal Chart, the elements of the Panchang define

Sun – The reason for the soul to take birth

Moon – The inherent qualities of past life/lives the person is born with

Mars – The place where the person puts in his or her energy

Mercury – The kind of Karma/ Not just the job a person does

Jupiter – The money/wealth and protection or safe keeping a person feels

Saturn – The mental frame a person has and the ability to chalk the path ahead.

Venus – The relationships a person has and how he or she maintains it.

Hora – Hora teaches us about the game changer of the equation.

Dagdha Rasis – The areas of concern or areas showing where one is likely to struggle.

The Tithi Pravesh chart also shows the same things.

Now we need to make a few comparisons with the Natal Chart.

If the Lagna occupied in the Tithi Pravesh chart is in trine or in a quadrant to that of the Natal Chart this year would bring in fruitful results. If, on the other hand, the Lagna occupied is in 3,6,8 or 12 House as that of the Natal Chart, one is likely to find obstacles and hurdles in the year to happen. The Tithi Pravesh Lagna vis a vis the Natal Lagna defines the predominant area of events in the year. So, if the Tithi Pravesh Lagna falls in the 10th House when compared to the Natal Chart, it can be understood that the predominant area of life in the year would relate to work and career.

The Lagna Lord placement gives vital clue for the happening of events – especially timing of events. Also, the houses it aspects.

The Vaara Lord or Weekday Lord of the Tithi Pravesh Chart provides the energy factor of the chart and when it is well placed or is a functional benefic for the chart, the person is able to use his energies in the right direction.

However, if the Weekday Lord is a functional malefic or placed in bad houses, the energy of the year could be wasted or consumed for undesirable purposes.

Finally, the Game Changer. The Hora Lord plays a tremendous role in the defining the luck factor and the happening of the events. It sets the mark of the events to happen in the year and the house it occupies or the sign/signs it rules are very vital months in the year. Its association with other planets, the aspects it receives and the houses it aspects all have a strong impact in the events unfolding during the year.

As per Pt. Sanjay Rath ji, the influence of the Hora Lord can be seen from the different divisional charts to find the exact nature of events likely to take place in different areas of life represented by the divisional chart.

The Dasa of the Tithi Pravesh Chart (available in JHORA) will pinpoint the exact events and happening of the events in the year.

The Lagna for the Tithi Pravesh Chart is the 7th House of that of the Natal Chart. It represents spouse, partner and partnerships.

The Hora Lord is Jupiter, 7th Lord in the TP chart. It is also the Lagna Lord of the Natal Chart.

Jupiter is placed in the 10th House, corresponding to the 10th Month from July, which is April.

Prince Harry was married on 29th April, 2011 with State Honours as he is 2nd in line to the British Throne.

Moon, which is the Natal Hora Lord and in the TP is the Lord of the 2nd House, sits in the 2nd House and is aspected by Jupiter, causing Gajkesari Yoga. His marriage was global news and was broadcasted all over the world. It brought him a lot of admiration from people all over the world and the Royal Couple were blessed by many leaders, political and religious the world over.

Lord of TP Chart, Mercury, sits with Moon in the 2nd House and is aspected by Jupiter too.

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