“The Emperor”- The Ruler of The World in Tarot Deck

The absolute ruler of the world! It is the sign of the Father in the Tarot deck. In the card, he sits on a throne, which is made of stone and depicts four Ram heads. The Ram heads represent Aries, the zodiac sign of the Emperor.

In his right hand, he holds an ankh, the sign of ‘life’ and in his left hands, he holds an orb, the symbol of his own ruling world and domination. His white beard represents wisdom and experience of the ruling, establishment, authority, for the benefit of his people.

A mountain range which can seen behind him symbolizes leadership, unyielding power, and his determination to achieve and conquer great heights. The red robe which he wears represent his power and the armour present his protection from any harm or threat.

There are two sides of The Emperor in the tarot card- The Upright Emperor and The Reversed Emperor.

Emporer Tarot Card | Anuradha Sharda

What does it mean by The Upright Emperor?

The Upright Emperor is the symbol of Fatherhood, Authority, domination, and strategy. Just like a father, a king who protects his kingdom from harm, who goes through administration with structure and creates systems. This upright Emperor also represents power, domination, ruling power, taking leadership. This is the card of ultimate authority, ruler, knowledgeable, powerful, leader and a dominator.

What does it mean by the Reversed Emperor?

The Reversed Emperor is the opposite of The Upright Emperor. The meaning of this coming up with your cards is that you have less authoritative power or you crave power that you may not deserve. It can happen on both personal and professional aspect. This card indicates that you have a lack of power and leadership. The Emperor will lose his flexibility and without control, he can suffer from vulnerability and emotional pain, also he will not be able to do his best for his people.

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