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Though we use the Georgian calendar in our day-to-day use, for convenience, there is another calendar system that has crucial information about our lives. This is known as the Panchang. The panchang is an extremely detailed Hindu calendar, mainly used by Vedic astrologers in India and all over the world to extract crucial information from it. Let’s understand the elements of the same and how you can master it online from the well known Vedic astrologer Anuradha Sharda.

The term ‘panchang’ literally translates into panch and ang, meaning five and parts, respectively. In many parts of India, it is also known as ‘panjika’. It justifies its names, as panchang is comprised of 5 crucial elements, namely

  • Solar Day or Vaara
  • Tithi
  • Nakshatra
  • Karana, and
  • Yoga

It is kind of a diary that helps well expertise Vedic astrologer to make celestial predictions. It is also used to outline the most auspicious time for religious rituals and other important dates for marriage, career, travel, education, etc. Generically, these are known as ‘muhurta’, and chances are high that you must have heard of it in various auspicious occasions.

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Though, many can argue that efforts make it all possible. One reaps as they sow and it is true, but life is a continuous cycle of events, and each one influences the next series of events. Amidst this continuum, ensuring 1 right decision in 1 moment can influence the upcoming events, in a positive way. Panchang successfully outlines this date and ensure you make the best of it.

There are several online platforms that claim to offer the perfect muhurta simply by having you enter a few basic details. However, they simply pick up the information from a pre-loaded database and often have very little accuracy attached to them. It is recommended not to rely on them completely before making any crucial decision or starting any important event.

Panchang Consultation –

Anuradha Sharda is all set to spread the learnings of the Panchang to all the keen students from all over the world. Apart from learning the basic element, you will also get to learn how to derive each of these elements Mathematically and have some practical examples as well. Also, you can learn all about remedial measures of the same. Moreover, you will receive the study materials and recordings of the sessions, after the class.

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