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BTR- Birth Time Rectification

$ 100

Many a times people may not know about their exact time of birth which causes major issues in prediction, especially the time of an event unfolding for the person. Reading of the Divisional charts also may not be possible because of the quick change in the Lagna of the Divisional Chart. This can be made accurate by doing the Birth Time Rectification. Using Tithi Pravesh to map events through Divisional Charts and rectification through the divisional charts and then doing rectification through elements and Dina Nakshatras helps to arrive at the accurate time of Birth.


Panchang Analysis

$ 185

The Panchang Analysis is based on the five elements of Panchang – Tithi, Vaara, Nakshatra, Karana and Yoga. Each of these elements give key and crucial information about major parts of our life like relationships, health, mental status, career and overall wealth and security respectively. A deep analysis through the Panchang makes a person realise where he can improve and what to do for such improvements in life. Key planets associated with each element would be discussed AND periods of caution would be indicated with prescription of remedial measures as required. The remedies will include simple Yogic Practices, Mantras, Donations, and Gems etc.


Past Life Analysis

$ 130

Past Life Consultation is appropriate for those people who are facing intense issues in their lives and are searching for reasons and answers for their pain and suffering. This reading helps in pinpointing the reason of their problem and the probable path they can take to overcome the issue and move forward. Many past life techniques will be taken and I also will take into account planets, houses, signs and nakshatras into consideration even in the divisional charts to understand the issue properly and provide appropriate solutions with remedies, as required.


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