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Astrologer in Hyderabad & Tarot Coach - ASTRO ANURADHA

Best Astrologer in Hyderabad

Reliable Vedic Astrologer In Hyderabad

Your search for a reputable Vedic astrologer in Hyderabad ends here. Astro Anuradha has carved a niche in the industry by making accurate predictions based on your birth chart. If you want to overcome the hurdles in your life, get in touch with her. She will study the position of the planets in your horoscope, predict their movements and answer all your queries. She continually strives to make her predictions more accurate and serve her clients better.

Few Of Her Achievements

  • Worked on Nadi Nakshatra
  • Worked on Praveena level 1 & 2
  • Has degrees in Post Visharada from ICAS
  • Did Nadi classes from Shri. A.V. Sundaram.
  • Completed an advanced astrology Course.
  • Done Nadi Classes Level 1 and 2.
  • Has done extensive research on various astrological topics

A Trusted Tarot Coach In Hyderabad

Astro Anuradha has years of experience in helping numerous clients looking for accurate tarot card readings. She is completely dedicated and ensures that each and every client approaching her is provided with an intuitive reading. Her readings are private, confidential, sincere and honest as she has years of experience as a tarot coach in Hyderabad. She always relies on a gentle and light-hearted approach which is widely preferred by her clients.

Why Choose Astro Anuradha For Vedic Astrology?

  • One of the most reputable astrologers in and around Hyderabad.
  • Had carved a niche in the field of Occult Science and Astrology.
  • Tries to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with all her clients.
  • Rely on transparent modes of transactions with no hidden cost involved.
  • Can help you reap all the benefits of Vedic astrology.


what client says

Write to us for urgent consultation

This consultation helps you to choose the right time for the right event so that you get minimum obstruction to achieve the best results.

Who is a Vedic Astrologer in Hyderabad?

An astrologer who follows the Astrology from the Vedas, or the Sanatan Dharma can be termed as a Vedic Astrologer. A Vedic Astrologer needs to follows certain rules and standards to mentally and spiritually qualify as such.

Qualities of an astrologer?

The Qualities of an Astrologer are well expounded in the Classical Texts. In sloka number 5 to 8 of Chapter 1 of BPHS, Sage Parashar tells Maitrey Rishi – O Brahman your query ( regarding the intricacies of astrology) has an auspicious purpose in the welfare of the world and has been rightly made. Having offered my obedience to Lord Brahma, his power Sri Saraswati Devi, and the Sun God, the chief of the planets and the cause of creation, I said I shall relate to you the science of astrology as it was heard by make from Brahma. The teachings of this science of Astrology is to be given only to the students were good and peacefully disposed, who honour the elders and preceptors, who speak only truth and who are God fearing. It is only in this way that good will follow. The teaching of this science, again, should not be given to an undeserving student, to an atheist and to a crafty person.

In the chapter 3 of BPHS sloka number 7, Rishi Parashar has stated that for a Vedic astrologer it is very important to know the details and the disposition of the nakshatras. The conceptual framework and the dispositions of the nakshatras should be known through general literature of astrology for an astrologer.

In the Chapter 100 of BPHS, Maharishi Parashara tells Maître Rishi that the Shastra expounded by Lord Brahma for Mahatma Narad and he (Mahatma Narad) with all humbleness narrated the same to Rishi Shaunaka etc. and I have unfolded the same Shastra as it is, before you. This knowledge should never be imparted to a person who is jealous, backbiter, arrogant and unknown. The supreme and pious Shastra amongst all Vedangas should be taught well to the humble, devoted, truthful, intelligent, submissive and known persons. The person having the knowledge of time and accurate position of planets and Nakshatra only can understand Hora Shastra and not others. A person knowing the subject matter of Hora Shastra should be truthful and able to exercise control over his senses. The auspicious and inauspicious predictions of such a person will come true. A person who reads or listens devotedly this excellent Hora Shastra, his longevity, strength, wealth, fame will go on increasing.

As per Saravali chapter number 2, the science relating to horoscope is called Hora Shastra. Hora is capable of analysing the destiny. Barring this Astrology, there is no device to help one earn money, to help as a Boat to cross the ocean of unexpected situations and to serve as an advisor in the journey.

For a Vedic Astrologer in India of repute, the following needs to be followed,

Getting up early in the morning

  • Paying oblations to the Sun God
  • Read the Panchang everyday
  • Should have a good knowledge of his subject
  • Should have control over his senses and should not partake non vegetarian food, liquor or indulge in womanizing
  • He should speak only the truth (but should know how to present it)
  • He should lead a simple and spiritual life.

Astro Anuradha is a Competent Vedic Astrologer in Hyderabad

Anuradha has an experience of 20 years in the field of occult. Always a student, she practiced for 15 years before she ventured into teaching and taught on many platforms. She has taught extensively on International platforms courses relating to Basics of Astrology, Nakshatras, Nadi Nakshatras, Tarot and Second Level of Basics. Exclusive classes for Russians on the above subject were also taught by her. Her intensive research in these areas gives her an edge in these subjects. Nakshatras and Prashna are her forte. Nakshatras help you understand your own self and bring about a change in your personality for the better. It also helps you time events in your life and thus helps you being forewarned and so forearmed. The consultations help in this regard too. One learns to understand life about them and within them and are more sensitive about yourself and less judgmental about others.

Contact For Vedic Astrologer & Tarot Teacher

Astro Anuradha has more than 20 years in the field of The Occult. What started out as an interest, developed and progressed as a part of life…

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