Why Are Rahu and Ketu Important in Vedic Astrology?

Rahu and Ketu are the two celestial bodies that don’t have physical existence. As per Vedic astrologers, these are imaginary points in the sky and allotted the most powerful planet by the ancient rishis who practised Vedic astrology. The effect of Rahu is completely negative, and it gives rise to delays, hurdles and laziness within human beings. Ketu is another fiery planet that causes ignorance, trauma, sufferings, health problems and poor financial conditions on the person whose horoscope is affected by the same.

Thus, the importance of both Rahu and Ketu in Vedic astrology is undeniable. Most renowned astrologers offer basic Vedic courses online for you to understand the working and the effect of the malefic planets on an individual’s life.

Important Facts About Rahu and Ketu as per Vedic Astrology

Both the planets are considered to be enemies of the sun and moon. However, the negative effects of Rahu are a blessing for the ones who are looking forward to pursuing a political career. If the Rahu is predominant on the individual, then the rise in power is guaranteed. The individual will leave no fair or unfair stones turned to achieve success in their political career.

The mode of transport for Rahu as per astrology is the lion, and that for Ketu is a vulture. The mode of transport for Ketu signifies that if Ketu dominates an individual’s horoscope, then bad luck rests on their fate for a long time.

Significance of Rahu in Astrology

Rahu is also known as the tamsic planet and makes the person ignorant it resides on the individual’s horoscope. If Rahu is on the lower side, the person might get engaged in petty criminal activities like stealing, murder, blackmail, torture, and confinements.

Moreover, the stronger effect of Rahu may cause mental disorders, depressions and give rise to negative characteristics like orthodox thinking, materialistic interests, phobias and isolations, occult practices and clouded mentality.

Again on the brighter side, astrologers feel a strong Rahu influence is good in the case of a few professions. In simple terms, it’s known as a Karmic planet. Thus, it helps develop the sides like fame, prestige, inspiration, intuition, and fortune of people working as psychologists, physiotherapists, and politicians.

Significance of Ketu in Astrology

It’s a fiery planet, and the influence of the same is highly negative in people who already exhibit vulnerable characteristics. Even in its lower influence range, it creates series of unfortunate events, madness, bankruptcy, scandals and sufferings for the individuals. On the contrary, if your Ketu is highly powerful, then you will experience spiritual connectivity. Thus the two extreme points of Ketu affects human life in completely different ways.

People with high domination of Ketu generally experience philosophical outlook, practice yoga and indulge in spiritual activities. Ketu dominance will also help you to link your present life with your past.

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