What Is Vedic Astrology and How It Is Superior to Western Astrology

Having options is somewhat a ‘two-fold’ thing. When it is related to any product such as an apparel color, it helps us make the right choice by comparing. But often when it is conjugated to things like horoscope or astrology, it often confuses the minds of people who do not understand it much. The coexistence of western and Vedic astrology is one such thing. Now picking up ‘personality traits as per your DOB’ by either way often yield, similar results, yet not exact accurate results. But this juxtapose creates a big problem for those who spend years seeking advice from the one that does little to help.

When almost every developing nation is adapting the westernization, some aspects are still being ruled by its origin. When it comes to astrology, Vedic astrology is the winner. Let’s discuss why a Vedic astrologer in India is the right choice for you.

Vedic Astrology India

Astrology is defined as the detailed study of the relative movement, alignment, and position of the celestial bodies, and their effect on people’s lives. Though many ancient civilizations practiced the same through the ages, its accurate timeline is a matter of conflict. However, multiple shreds of evidence point out that astrology originated and flourished in India. In fact, the impressive prehistoric achievements of Indian astronomy are often associated with Indian’s extensive knowledge of astrology. In its pioneer years, it was known as Jyotish Shastra. Eventually, it spread in many other parts of the world, several of whom came up with their own versions of the same.

Despite the conflicts, it is certain that it has different insights than western astrology. One crucial fact that boosts the previous statement is the usage of the sidereal zodiac instead of the tropical zodiac in the Vedic astrology. The sidereal zodiac uses the fixed stars visible in the night sky, whereas the tropical zodiac is based on the position of stars in the North Hemisphere’s vertical equinox. Due to this difference, then these 2 systems do not stay relative to one another and drift apart in the measure of 1.4-degree arc in one century. Almost every Vedic astrologer uses the sidereal zodiac and as a surplus, many western astrologers do that too.

Thus, even though each type of astrology has its own features, the Vedic astrology has its finer aspects. In case you need to seek some astrology advises or reading, it is recommended to seek a Vedic astrologer in India.

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