What Does Vedic Astrology Say About Your Health?

In Vedic astrology, the role of Lagna or Lagnesh is important for the analysis of the health issues and medical conditions of any individual. In simple terms, a strong Lagna that is not affected by malefic influences will help an individual be healthy and free from disease throughout most of their life tenure. Health is the biggest asset. If you’re not healthy, you’ll not be able to work hard and achieve the desired level of success in life. Hence, a positive and healthy lifespan is also essential for financial success.

Among the 12 houses in an Individual’s horoscope, the 1st house is related to the body and health of the individual. According to all Vedic astrologers in India, the 2nd, 6th, 8th, and 12th house plays an important role in highlighting signs of ill health in an individual’s horoscope.

Are you facing consistent health problems for years? Then it’s time to visit a professional astrologer and know more about the positions of your planets, houses and lagnas. This will give you a clear idea of the reasons for your ill health.

Role of Planets in The Prediction of Good Health Conditions

1. Sun’s Influence
Sun is generally the Lagna Lord of individuals falling within the Leo sun sign. Sun influences the bones, stomach, heart, skin and eyes. A weak sun can cause eyesight problems, consistent fever, ulcer issues, weakness and mental problems. Moreover, you’ll experience that the body temperature of the people with the Sun’s influence is generally higher than that of others.

2. Moon’s Influence
The Moon is a water-based planet; hence the influence of the Moon on an individual’s horoscope will influence the lymphatic system and the liquids of an individual’s body. Moon is generally the Lagnesh of natives born under the Cancer sign. A weak moon might cause problems like hormonal systems, diabetes, water retention issues, menstruations on different signs.

3. Mar’s Influence
An individual might become weak and anaemic if Mars is weak due to blood loss or lack of blood in the body. The natives born with weak Mars will experience fatal injuries and continuous blood loss if they encounter any accident. However, the extent of the damage depends on the individual’s sun sign as well.

4. Jupiter’s Influence
Jupiter is the planet responsible for the fat content and liver conditions of the individual born on this planet. A weak Jupiter will indulge the native to inculcate drinking habits and follow unhealthy eating habits. This will, in turn, damage the liver of the individual.

5. Mercury’s Influence
Both Gemini and Virgo are the two major rashis for the natives born on this planet. If the mercury is weak, individuals might face skin troubles and nose related issues.

6. Venus’s Influence
This planet is associated with sexual problems, fertility issues and kidney issues. If the planet is weak, then for female natives, there are chances of gynaecological operations and infertility issues. If the Rahu and Saturn are malefic on Venus, then the native might face kidney issues as well.

7. Saturn’s Influence
Saturn is generally a healthy planet and signifies the individual’s bones, teeth, and skin. According to Vedic astrology, if Saturn’s influence is weak on an individual’s horoscope, then the person might face complications in these body parts. Moreover, physical weakness, joint pain and long drawn health issues can be caused due to weak Saturn.

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