What are the Principles of Tithi Pravesh Chakra as per Vedic Astrology?

Tithi Pravesh is a part of the annual horoscope of calculations per the Vedic Astrology. The astrologer generally creates this chart every year based on the cycle of the Sun and moon. Vedic astrologers generally use the solar return chart or the Surya Varsha Pravesh chakra to predict the events of the year, and the process is commonly known as Varshapala. For calculation of the tithi Pravesh chart, the astrologers generally consider the start of the year from when the tithi commences again after completing a full circle of the Sun.

Since the moon phase calendar is also synchronised with the Sun, hence the return cycle of the Sun is also analysed. As soon as the event takes place, it commences a new life in the year of the native who is in charge of the horoscope. However, the astrologer can’t read the tithi pravesha chart independently from the natal chart.

There are specific factors that will help you to analyse the tithi Pravesh chart. Approaching any top Vedic astrologer in India will help you to get the best results regarding the same.

What Factors are Responsible for The Analysis of The Tithi Pravesh Chart?

The astrologers generally take a weekday running that commences with the tithi of the new year. The weekday is considered the lord of the whole year of the native and has the highest amount of influence on the life and activities of the native. The day under the tithi Pravesh chart starts from the first sunrise and lasts till the next sunrise. Hence the birth time of every individual born at 00:00 hours is considered for the calculation part.

The function of the Lagna present in the natal horoscope of the Tithi Pravesh chakra is to channel the energies from the individual’s natal horoscope. If the Lagna is placed at the centre, it brings sucessin every endevour that the individual pusues in his/her life. On the other hand, a trikona placed position will bring prosperity, and the Lagna placed at the Trik Bhavas bode will bring troubles, obstacles and strife in life.

The Hora lord is responsible for setting a focus on the life events of the native at the beginning of the tithi. They will tremendously influence the impact of whatever important event is taking place in your life.

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