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Venus in 12th House

04, Oct 2020 Blog

Venus in 12th House

Venus in 12th House: As per J N Bhasin, the planet Venus is very happy in the 12th house. It is contrary to the general rule which states that a planet in the 12th house becomes weak and causes harm to the traits it represents.

It is due to the fact that the 12 houses and the planet Venus are similar and complementary.

Both Venus and 12th House represent enjoyment and luxury. Due to this affinity, the placement of Venus in the 12th House is strong. And people in who horoscope Venus is placed in the 12th house and in a friendly sign have generally long living wife.

Venus gets exalted in the 12th House of the Natural Zodiac.

The 12th House denotes the left eye and it is a known fact that Shukracharya, Venus, lost an eye during the Vamana Avatar.4

The element of Venus is water and the 12th House also denotes the water element.

The 12th House represents losses and when we gift things to people, we do spend money and incur certain expenses and Venus also denotes spending on others as Venus represents Goddess Lakshmi who resides in the Ocean of milk and by her continuous giving sustains the Universe.

Sukracharya ( Venus) was supposed to have done great penance and meditation to attain the Sanjeevani Vidya, the ability to get people back from death. The 12th House is the house of meditation, healing, and death.

The 12th House denotes foreign travels and as mentioned earlier, it is about spending and also Goddess Lakshmi is said to reside in the Ocean of Milk.

That the planet Venus gives good results by locational the 12th house is the opinion of authors of Bhavartha Ratnakara and Uttar Kalamata.

Authors also hold the view that the location of the Venus in the 6th House too causes affluence. Here also the reason that is the same, the affinity between Venus and the 12th house which it would aspect by being situated in the 6th house.

In the chart of Brain Weiss, he has his Venus in the 12th House. As the Lord of the 6th, it represents work and profession. Brain Weiss is a well known past-life regressionist. He used to have a clinic as he was a practicing psychiatrist before moving towards past life regressions. Here this Venus is placed with the Lord of the 7th and 10th Houses, Mercury denoting a medical profession. Here Venus is in the Nakshatra of Mercury making the Mercury and the 12th House very prominent. He uses the incomplete issues of a person’s past life to heal the person and move them in a smoother next life. Here we see the healing and meditative abilities to come to the forefront. Also, being in the Nakshatra of Jyestha, he is the Master in his field and commands a respect second to none.

In the chart of this person, there is Venus as the 12th Lord posited with the 6th Lord Mars and the 8th Lord Mercury causing a beautiful and a super-strong Vipreet raj Yoga. This person’s life changed dramatically after marriage as Venus is the Lord of the 7th House also. The person has an import and export business that relates to the 12th House. He has been traveling a lot after marriage and has at least two overseas travels. The person spends good money on wining and dining and is equally helpful to one and all. He is very charitable and always has a helping hand to extend to people who ask for it. 

The exception to this would be Venus in the 12th House for Aries or Mesha Lagna. This would be very fatalistic for them as Venus being the Lord of Maraksthanas, 2nd, and 7th sits in the house of losses and death, the 12th House, and hence can be the reason for demise. The best example to cite here would be that of Ravana. As per the chart of Ravana given by Gopesh in his Phaldeepika translation. He has Venus in his 12th House in Pisces.

As explained above, this position of Venus proved fatalistic for him. He had a great weakness for beautiful women as a result of which he was cursed by a lady he had forced himself upon. His end was brought to play because of his abducting the most beautiful lady of those times, Devi Sita who was also said to be the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

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