7 Effective Vastu Tips for A Happy Married Life

In our country, marriage is believed to be a sacred bond between two people who promise each other to love, support, and care for the rest of their lives. There certainly comes a lot of factors when it comes to planning and living a happy married life. Vastu principles are some of the essential factors to have a happy married life ahead for a lifetime. According to the best Vedic Astrologer in India, Vastu holds a prominent role in the architecture of our houses or offices based upon certain principles. Therefore, it is believed that these Vastu tips, when followed properly, deliver magical effects in an individual’s life. So, through this blog post, let us look at 7 effective Vastu tips for a happy married life, as suggested by an experienced Spiritual Counseling Expert in India

7 Vastu Tips from the Best Vedic Astrologer in India for a Happy Married Life – 

The placement of Mirror: Every famous Vedic astrologer in India opines that the placement of a mirror is a vital part of a married life. To improve the relationship between a husband and a wife, the proper placement of a mirror in their bedroom is very much essential. The right positioning of the mirror improves the detachment of a husband and wife and creates a harmonious relationship between the two! But make sure that your mirror should never face your bed directly. 

Paint the bedroom right: Painting light colours, especially light green, light blue, or light pink increases compatibility among husbands and wives. The proper selection of colours plays a vital role when it comes to applying Vastu tips for happy married lives. Light colours are soothing and pleasant and are believed to bring more closeness to married couples if painted on the walls of their bedrooms. Contrarily, painting dark colours in the bedrooms can eventually do the opposite. 

Sow a money plant: Only very few people are acquainted with the fact that astrologically, a money plant symbolizes the planet, Venus. Therefore, it is also believed to have a significant role in bringing harmony and happiness to the lives of married couples. People not only bring home a money plant to increase their wealth but also to sweeten the relationship between a husband and wife with its gradual growth. 

No deities in bedrooms: According to Vedic astrology, an effective Vastu remedy for married people is that couples should never keep any deities in their bedrooms. Deities are for temples and puja areas only. But most couples often make a mistake by placing any image or idols of God and Goddesses in their bedrooms. It is considered that keeping the pictures or idols of God and Goddesses in the bedrooms may increase tension between a husband and wife. 

Consider the right directions: If you are planning to have a house soon, then avoid making your bedroom in the North-east, South-East, or North-West sides. The direction of your bedroom matters a lot, particularly, when it comes to having a harmonious relationship with your spouse. Apart from that, you must ensure that you do not place your bed between two doors or right in front of the door of your master bedroom. 

Avoid sharp-cornered furniture: Note carefully that furniture with sharp corners should be minimized in the bedroom of a married couple. In the meantime, rounded or oval edges are considered to be more favorable for maintaining positive energy flow in a married couple’s bedroom. 

Fresh flowers and plant decor: Did you know that placing fresh flowers and indoor plants in the bedroom of a husband and wife can promote a positive atmosphere? Even, it is believed to enhance the bond between the married partners and promote a healthy love relationship between the two! So, decorate your master bedroom with some fresh flowers and green indoor plants to have a happy and uninterrupted married life ahead. 

However, remember that Vastu tips are only based on cultural beliefs and traditions. So, it is very important to prioritize open communication, understanding, and respect in a marriage, alongside any cultural practices you choose to follow. In case, you need further astrological guidance to make your married life happier, get in touch with a Famous Vedic Astrologer in India.

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