Time To Know More About Lunar Eclipse

When the Earth, Sun and Moon are in a start line with the Earth in the middle, Lunar Eclipse occurs. Our planet prevents the light of the sun from hitting the Moon. As its shadow covers up the full Moon, its vision fades. Earth’s atmosphere absorbs other colours from the Moon, and it looks reddish. During a total lunar eclipse, the Moon seems orange-red. The primary difference between a lunar eclipse and solar eclipse is that more people get to see the former.

Why Doesn’t Lunar Eclipse Occur Every Month?
Though the Moon orbits around the Earth continuously, we don’t have a lunar eclipse every month as the Earth does not always get in the way of the Moon and the sun. The Moon’s path around the Earth is tilted. Sometimes, the light of the sun falls on the Moon even when it is behind the Earth. Take a look at the position of the Earth, Moon and sun when they are in a straight line, and you will notice that the Moon’s orbit around the Earth is tilted. The Moon is farther from the Earth than it appears on an image. So, a lunar eclipse does not happen every month.

Few Things You Should Avoid During Lunar Eclipse According To Vedic Astrology

People should avoid sleeping during a lunar eclipse, except older people, pregnant women, children and those under medication.
Don’t eat anything or travel during the time of the eclipse.
Avoid using scissor or knife and don’t engage in activities like weaving, cutting or sewing.
Doing meditation and giving donations during the eclipse is good.
It is never safe to look directly at the moon, even if it is partly obscured. You must wear eclipse glasses at all times or use an alternate method.
Avoid arguing with anyone and spend time in isolation if possible.
You can expect the next lunar eclipse on 26th May, 2021. It is the first lunar eclipse of the year and will be a total lunar eclipse.

Watch this video to learn more about effects and remedies of Lunar Eclipse:

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