It is important to observe the transits of slow-moving planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu as they leave a strong impact. Saturn moves into its own sign and Moolatrikona at that on 17th January, 2023. Moolatrikona houses are one of the best zones for a planet to deliver its results. Saturn in this sign brings forth a lot of responsibilities and consequently repercussions. The period from 1st week of April to last week of May, may show strong results and changes and one needs to be on a vigil about it.

Period 23rd of March to 23rd of May is a time one needs to be cautious and careful. Explosive situation for all Lagnas.


For the Aries Lagna, Saturn aspects the Lagna and Rahu is placed in this sign. This would result in a lot of changes in the person’s life as Saturn and Rahu both represent change. The period mentioned earlier of April and May needs to be monitored and well thought of or else one can be really overwhelmed with a lot of problems. Giving charity and letting go of the old to bring in the new is the only way to survive. One would need to take each day as it comes, especially in these few months. It is also seen that one may have a few old Karmic debts to settle, especially towards siblings. It would be important to be very careful about your speech and remember to think twice before making a statement. Financially, one would be working hard and be slowly but steadily rewarded. Physically, this period can be little overwhelming. For the students, it is time to put in extra effort and not get depressed by the results as persistence will pay at the end. On the monetary and policy development from, there will be changes which will yield results. It is advised to be cautious around children and not pick fights with them.


For the Taurus Lagna, it is a good time to decide and let go of what is not needed in life. As Saturn and Rahu influence your 12th House, one needs to show certain precautionary measures regarding health and travels. One needs to be very sure of their travel plans in case one faces problems there which can seem to be beyond one’s capacity and quite disturbing. Health issues should also be taken seriously as they can cost a lot of money and create stress. It is best advised to pay to health-related charities and pay special attention home and hearth. For those planning on purchase of a home, you need to be careful about the land and all the deeds before making the purchase. A good time to keep control over your anger and expenses. Though there would be a steady income, but it would be good to control the unnecessary expenses.


For the Gemini Lagna, it is time to think before making a commitment for a lifetime. It is also important to plan your income properly and not get swayed by some scheme which can show a quick income. Such schemes can show a big promise but will be detrimental to your finance and health as it would cause unwarranted stress on the long run. Making random business partners without much debate on it can also prove risky. It is also advised to show respect and honour to elders and do your duties by them conscientious. Sticking to your career and expanding your business cautiously can also be seen. It is important for you to go for regular health check-ups. On the education from, it is a good time to invest your time and energy into doing something in depth as it would give you good results.


For the Cancer Lagna, this a time where you need to show patience and perseverance about your business and career. The changes that you face on the business front can seem overwhelming. There can also be surmounting pressure that you may feel overwhelmed by. Learn to just work one day at a time. It is also advised that you show a keen business sense and weigh each situation according to the profit and loss and the yield that it can bring. It is also important for you to be careful about your hereditary diseases if any. You are susceptible to them now. Though you may not be very happy on several fronts, children will be a source of joy and it would be best if you are friendly with them instead of being strict with them. Finance would be good for the time being though the source of finance is something which bothers you a lot. For students, hard work is the key for this transit. Focus and repetition needs to be followed painstakingly.


For the Leo Lagna, it is time which can seem challenging. However, it will be progressive and dynamic post May 2023. You will need to think of your spouse as a pillar of strength and learn to give her/him a say in life as they would prove to be an excellent guide. Finance would start to look up post May, provided you do all your research and know the newer territories you want to capture. For those sitting for higher exams or competitive exams, they need to be repetitive in their revision as it will be of immense importance to them. Be quiet on what you are studying and study hard. It is a good time to distant children and let them become independent but be supportive of them when they need you.


For the Virgo Lagna, there are likely to be sudden changes in life. You are most likely to be affected by these changes during the months of March to May so be very careful with your speech and sudden reactions. It will be better if you remember to pay your insurance and other premiums on time and remember the due date of maturity of any policy. Please do not sign up any policies before reading the fine print, especially during the months mentioned above. Children are on their way to success and need to put in hard work and labour. The home front also needs to be dealt properly and with patience. This a good time to invest your energy in research in some ancient science which is likely to take away a lot of energy which can create fear and a sense of helplessness. Worship of Goddess Durga or Hanuman ji is also good from health point of view also as it is a time when you need to be careful about your habits or they make cause chronic issues.


Fir the Libra Lagna, you are strongly advised to be very careful with your dealings with your spouse and partner. It is important that you maintain peace at all times and do not react to situations, no matter how intense that may seem. There will be more responsibilities coming your way on the work front and you may be required to prove your worth before getting that promotion that you crave for. There would also be a need to discipline children but with a calm attitude They need to be explained things properly but not ruled upon. You may need a larger home to begin with and may feel the budget constraints. After a careful analysis, you will be able to locate your home. Financially, you can make investments in the stock market provided you have studied hard about it. There is some sort of fluctuations in your regular income from January to May so please make proper arrangements for the same.


For the Scorpio Lagna, it is a good time to concentrate on setting up something new in terms of business or work. Those in a job may face a tough time during the months of March to May and are advised to be careful. Home and hearth will call for you to be more responsible and disciplined. It will require you to be dispassionate and take important decisions which may involve self-sacrifice. For those in education, competitive exams can be passed well provided you study hard for it. Saturn demands hard work. Children will be great support till April. It would be advised that you maintain your cool with children post April and do not get into any acrimonious behaviour with them. Health is also an area where you need to be concerned about and need to be on a constant vigil. Keep a good check on your eating habits.


For the Sagittarius Lagna, it is a period where one would learn to talk less and pay more attention to be perfect and persistent in their work. It is a time when one may distant oneself from friends or be very selective about who they meet. It is a good time to keep your cool with children. Handle them with lots of love and care and remember that one can attract more bees with honey than vinegar. You are likely to gain in position in a new undertaking provided you do it dutifully and remain focused. For those who want to sit for competitive exams this year, the transit would require you to be well prepared and be ready for out of bolt questions. On the financial front, you should not invest in any big venture without complete analysis or background check before June 2023 or it may cause stress and anxiety and health issues.


For the Capricorn Lagna, it is a good time to invest in some form of education. Any study that increases your net worth is good for you. It is also a good time for you to learn to speak in a manner that is gentle and guiding for others. This would help you in your workplace as it would also make you popular among your co-workers. As far as the home front goes, you need to be extra careful during the next year as it is likely to bring in unwarranted tensions if you do not know how to conduct yourself properly. It is best if you invest this energy into learning more into learning about finance and banking which is your genre rather than having conflicts at home. Health issues can crop up only if you do not eat on time or eat food which is unhealthy so you need to take care on that account also. Maintain distance with in-laws but take care of them because this will also bring peace with spouse. Good income can be seen for you during this transit.


For the Aquarius Lagna, Lagna Lord return to the Lagna after 30 years. This is a year of establishing yourself and finding a routine and structure in life. Areas that need to be concerned with is the relationship with sibling. Please be aware of how you conduct yourself with siblings and friends. It would be best to keep quiet and now to take any hasty decisions. That would ensure peace at home. Work is something that you need to seriously focus on as it likely to bring some tensions along the way. However, partners and spouse would be supportive and with structurisation, you will be able to fix and achieve your goals. Your younger child would prosper greatly due to persistence and hard work. You will be trying to find the right kind of financial changes in the coming year and working towards it. It is a good time to focus your learning in a new direction.


For the Pisces Lagna, the 12th Lord in the 12th House brings small expenses and big incomes from the foreign shores. You would find some changes in your employees and can find some new people joining the work force. They may have a good experience that you are looking for. There is a good chance of donation to hospitals as it will take away the heat off health issues and help you concentrate more on work. Income from recurring sources need to be sorted out with a regularity. You may also have to be away from family for some time, especially for a year. Remember not to be hasty in expenses, especially during the months stated above and don’t fall for income which is uncertain. Let there be a concrete proof of the happening. As far as children are concerned, you need to show some care and attention to their health. They may also have some break in education at that time.

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