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Saravali On Digbala

07, Aug 2019 Blog

Saravali On Digbala


लग्ने जीव बूधौ दिवाकर कुजौ व्योम्नि स्मरे भास्करि
र्बन्धाविन्दुसितौ दिशाकृतमिदं स्वौच्चे स्वकोणे स्वभे ।
मित्र स्वांशकसंस्थितः शुभफलैदृष्टो बलीयान् ग्रहः
स्त्रीक्षेत्रे शशिभार्गवौ नरगृहे शेषा बले स्थानजे ।। 35।।
Jupiter and Mercury have directional strength when in ascendant that is in the East direction, Sun and Mars in the 10th that is in the South direction Saturn in the 7th that is West and Moon and Venus in the 4th that is the North.


If a planet is an exaltation, moolatrikona, own house, friendly house your own Navamsha and aspected by benefic, it assumes strength. The moon and Venus are strong in even rashis by rest are so in odd Rashis. This is called positional strength.


आशाबलसमूपेतो नयति स्वदिशं पुरुषम् ।
नित्वा वस्त्रविभूषणावाहनसौख्यान्वितं कुरुते।।
A Planet with directional strength takes the native to a direction ruled by and gives clothes, jewels, conveyance etc. and the native is happy in such a direction.
A Planet with Ayana Bala similarly takes the native to its direction and confers various kinds of wealth apart from fame. in both the cases the planet should not be combusted or debilitated. If a planet has Chestabala, it sometimes gives Kingdom, sometimes respect ,sometimes money and yet sometimes increases the fame of the native.


Example – Jim Bailey

American female impersonator of singing stars, a remarkable illusionist. With clothes, makeup and style, he recreated the image of Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Peggy Lee and more.
Bailey brought drag to the mainstream. He appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, The Carol Burnett Show, The Tonight Show, and other TV programs, and performed in top Las Vegas venues and theatres across the USA. He also performed for Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana and four American presidents. He died at Pacifica Hospital of the Valley in Sun Valley, California on 30 May 2015 of a cardiac arrest from complications due to pneumonia, he was 77.


Here, Venus is placed in the 4th House and is the Lord of the 2nd House of wealth and 9th House of luck. The Fourth House represents the North Direction and Venus is also placed in its own Nakshatra. Venus also represents women.

Example – Clive Barker

British artist and writer, the prolific author of short stories, plays, novels and screenplays, and a painter and illustrator. His collection of horror stories, “Books of Blood,” 1984, marked him as a storyteller with an elegant literary voice to describe explicit violence and deviant sexuality. Other exotic fantasy novels include “Weaveworld” and “Imajica.”


Venus is placed in its own House in the 4th House and aspected by 9th Lord, retrograde Jupiter and Lagna Lord Moon from the 10th House.

Example – Aimee Anouk

French actress with a film debut in 1947, a hauntingly beautiful brunette, feline, graceful. The daughter of theatrical parents, she studied dance at Opera of Marseilles, followed by drama lessons in Paris. She was highly acclaimed in “Les Amants de Verone”, 1949.
Because of her “striking features” and her beauty, she has been compared to Jacqueline Kennedy. Film historian Ginette Vincendeau notes that Aimée’s films “established her as an ethereal, sensitive and fragile beauty with a tendency to tragic destinies or restrained suffering.” Her abilities as an actress and the photogenic qualities of her face, its “fine lines, expression of elation and a suggestive gaze,” helped her achieve success in her early films. With little interest in fame she made few films, which including “La Dolce Vita,” 1959, “Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man,” 1981 and “A Man and a Woman” at the height of her career, 1966. Aimée has been married and divorced four times: Edouard Zimmermann (1949–1950), director Nico Papatakis (1951–1954), actor and musical producer Pierre Barouh (1966–1969) and actor Albert Finney (1970–1978). She had one child, Manuela Papatakis (born 1951), from her second marriage.


In this Chart, we find three very strong planets in Digbali.
Jupiter is in Lagna and exalted and aspected by the Lagna Lord. It also creates the Hamsa Yoga.
Saturn is in the 7th House, in its own house and is in a Kendra to the Lagna and the Moon. This too creates the Sahasara Yoga.
Sun, the Lord of the 2nd House is Digbali and exalted in the 10th House. Sun rules the South direction.
Jupiter rules the East direction and Saturn rules over West. She was credited to be one of the 100 sexiest actress in film history, according to a 1995 poll conducted by Empire Magazine.
However, we also know that exalted planets create issues with their Moolatrikona signs so we see that Sun creates issues with family life ( 2nd House) and Jupiter is the Lord of the 6th House of marital fights and divorces and she was divorced 4 times.

Example – Stephen Williams

American archaeologist at Harvard University who held the title of Peabody Professor of North American Archaeology and Ethnography. He is best known as the author of “Fantastic Archaeology” (1991) and a course at Harvard based on the same material; a critical examination of pseudoarchaeological claims such as Atlantis, Mu, fringe related pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact theories, psychic archaeology, etc. According to Kenneth Feder, “Williams’s book is a valuable contribution to the regrettably short list of publications by professional archaeologists examining, responding to, and debunking extreme claims made in the name of the discipline.” Williams died on 2 June 2017, aged 90


Capricorn is the sign of the Earth. It is also the sign of archeologists and people who dig deep beneath the earth and excavate things. A sign for researchers too. Jupiter is retrograde, turn the energy inwards and also adding Chesta Bal to the planet. It is the Lord of 3rd House of hands, publications and courage. Being the Lord of 12th House international fame, he also delivers the same.

Example – Bharti Singh


Indian stand-up comedian and actress Bharti was the second runner-up of stand-up comedy reality series.The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.
(Season 4) on STAR One, where she received acclaim for her stand-up comedy child character named “Lalli.”She has been performing her stand-up acts over the years and has also been nationally ranked in pistol
shooting and archery.

Bharti Singh has 3rd Lord Moon posited in the 4th House of Masses which is also Digbali and in the 5th House of Celebrityhood of the Natural Zodiac. She had lost her father at a very young age and is very close to her mother from whom she draws inspiration. Retrograde Jupiter, the Lord of the 8th and 11th House of change and transformation and income aspects this Moon from the 8th House.
When a planet is debilitated yet Digbali, for example, Saturn in 7th for Libra Lagna or Mercury in Lagna for Pisces Lagna, in such a case the Jeeva or the living part of the Planet signified by the house it occupies or owns suffers but the non-living aspect prospers.
Digbali is an important concept that needs to be given its due place in the chart analysis for a complete chart reading.


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