QUEEN OF SWORDS- The Taskmaster Queen with High Moral Grounds

Honesty is the best policy and the Queen of Sword swears by it. The queen of swords is the most Frank and forthright of the Queens. She has the ability to face the truth face up and also the one to get to the root of the matter and on earth the truth behind any situation. She has the gift of cutting through the clouds confusion to understand the motive and the desire behind it. A lady standing or sitting on high moral ground, she has high ideals and sets high ideals for people in association with her. She is highly intelligent and this help her in being aware of each and every situation and to remain vigilant at all times.

A highly dignified personality, she plays by the rules and detests corruption, lies and deceit. It is very difficult to pass unnoticed from under her radar as she is ever vigilant.  Kind and just, she never shows emotions as she considers it a weakness in the workplace. An organised person to the core, any sort of indiscipline, unruliness and disharmony can be a sure thing to bring forth her wrath. She expects perfection from others as she herself is an embodiment of it. She is an ace lawyer with the instinct to go for the jugular. She is not known to mince words and can be quite candid in her views. She rules her children with an iron hand because she feels that if she does not inculcate the virtues of honesty, justice perfection and organisation in her children she would be lacking as a parent. She has the sense of handling situation with wit and humour to defuse the awkwardness around it, if need be. She is always ready for a quick laugh and can be self-depreciative too. A through learner, she is always in search of new facts of life.

Like the butterflies which has passed through the stages of development sitting on the throne, she too has gone through many hard knocks of life to reach this platform. She knows that we are always in a state of transformation before we finally achieve the set goals. The queen of sword is a solitary figure and she is always in a zone to develop her skills and work for her betterment. She comes across as a stern, rigid, emotionless and an aloof lady. Though she is very emotional but her circumstances demand that she keeps the soft side to her own self.

She likes her Independence and is focused and driven by her responsibilities. She does not lose her focus in any situation and authoritatively reminds every one of the same. A proud and regal lady she is fair to all she surveys. In a reading, the queen of swords urges asked to be structured and independent. She constantly guides us to be a stellar example of human virtues of honesty, integrity and perfection. She maintains high standards and urges us to do the same.

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