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Tithi Pravesh The Annual Chart Predictions

$ 90


• What is TP
• How to erect TP with the help of software
• Role of five elements in TP
• TP and DagdhaRashis
• Importance of Lagna lord in TP
• Comparison with Natal Chart to outline coming year events
• Significant events predictions with the help of TP
• Daily predictions with the help of TP
• Monthly predictions with the help of TP
• Ashtakvarga in TP
• Career predictions
• Marriage predictions
• How to use Dasha in TP
• TP and Hora lord
• Practical chart analysis.


Teacher: Astro Anuradha
Sessions: 4 sessions of an hour each
Language: English
Medium: ZOOM
Course start date: 2nd September 2022
Time: 7 -8 pm
Fee:  6000/90$
Contact: +91 9111415550

Contact For Vedic Astrologer & Tarot Teacher

Astro Anuradha has more than 20 years in the field of The Occult. What started out as an interest, developed and progressed as a part of life…

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