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Panchang Course Learn Kundali Analysis Through 5 Elements

$ 550

The Panchang is the Vedic way of measuring time. Time is the essence of life. The Panchang is the most important part of Vedic astrology with influences on a given Day. By knowing the parameters of the Panchang thoroughly, we can clearly understand what the chart promises and what future has in store for us.


  1. What Is Panchang
  2. Solar Day or Vaara
    • Importance of the Solar Day of Birth
    • Practical examples
  3. Tithi
    • What is tithi
    • What are the important signification of each tithi
    • What significance the tithi has in the life of a person
    • Practical Examples
  4. Nakshatra
    • What is a Nakshatra
    • What are the significations of each Nakshatra in brief
    • What do the Nakshatras in the Birth chart reflect about the native (with Practical examples)
  5. Karana
    • What is Karana
    • What are the important signification of each Karana
    • Vishti or Bhadra in Detail.
  6. Yoga
    • What is Yoga
    • Types of Yogas and its effect on the personality of the native
  7. Mathematical derivation of each of the 5 elements.
  8. Remedial measures



COURSE MATERIAL: Recordings of the sessions and pdfs will be sent for 3 years.

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