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Nakshatras Course Set 2 (Magha To Jyeshtha)

$ 250

Nakshatra course set 2 from Magha to Jyeshtha nakshatra

Course content:

1 Predictions based on Decoded Mythological Stories and Puranic Legends associated with the Nakshatras.
2 Understanding the Esoteric Significance and Delineation of Important Themes.
3 Shadow Issues associated with Nakshatras.
4 Practice on Unknown live charts, Revision Exercises.
5 Remedial measures which are easy and simple to apply.
6 Special Nakshatras are also covered.
7 Importance of Gotra for Nakshatra.
8 Understanding the Vata Pitta KaphaDosha of Nakshatras and finding the Diseases.

Language: English
Course recordings:  18 Lectures 2 Hours Each

Recorded sessions will be made available to all participants for 2 years

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