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Nakshatra Course – 3 Rd Set (English)

$ 200

Nakshatra Course Set 3 (Moola to Revati)

First Class:      4th March, 2023, Saturday

Regular Classes:        Saturday

Time:   10 AM to 12 Noon IST

Medium:         Online

Language:      English

Course Duration: 5 Months (20 Lectures 2 Hours Each) 

  • Course Content

1.         Predictions based on Decoded Mythological Stories and Puranic Legends associated with the Nakshatras

2.         Understanding the Esoteric Significance and Delineation of Important Themes.

3.         Shadow Issues associated with Nakshatras.   

4.         Practice on Unknown live charts, Revision Exercises

5.         Remedial measures which are easy and simple to apply

6.          Vedic Mantra from Yagurveda

7.         Importance of Gotra for Nakshatra 

8.         Understanding the Vata Pitta Kapha Dosha of Nakshatras and finding the Diseases.

  • Course Highlights

1          Detailed course material emailed to all participants on a weekly basis

2          Recorded sessions will be made available to all participants for 3 years 

Fee: Rs.12500/$200(USD)

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