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Half Hour Reading

As one has basic fundamental issues which needs to be answered urgently, in this half hour reading, you should first choose the area of reading you want to be answered first and then move to the other area. In this way, you can get answers to your most important query first within the given time frame from the list given in the form. To understand your queries better, I will take planets, houses, signs and nakshatras into consideration even in the divisional charts to get to the heart of the matter and provide appropriate solutions with remedies, as required. The remedies will include simple Yogic Practices, Mantras, Donations, and Gems.

$ 75

IMPORTANT – Each topic takes around 15 minutes for discussion and clarification.

Contact For Vedic Astrologer & Tarot Teacher

Astro Anuradha has more than 20 years in the field of The Occult. What started out as an interest, developed and progressed as a part of life…

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