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D30 /Trishamsha – English

$ 41


Trishamsha is a Chart which indicates your fortunes or misfortunes. Rishi Parashara recommends this chart to be used for all predictions. Marriage predictions can be done very precisely with this Divisional Chart as it shows the problems and happiness from marriage.

No event of life can happen without the confirmation from the D-30/Trishamsha.

  1. Meaning of Houses of Trishamsha
  2. Parashari Trishamsha
  3. Cyclic Trishamsha
  4. Fortunes or Misfortune
  5. Marriage and Trishamsha

Language: English

Duration of the Course:  2:30 Hours

Fees – 2300/41 USD (Inclusive 18% GST)

The recording will be sent within 24 hours of purchase.

Please save the recording. We will not take any responsibility after 7 days of sending the recording.

For more details contact: 91114-15550

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