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Chara Dasha Webinar In English

$ 35

Chara Dasha Webinar

Chara Dasha is a Rashi based Dasha system that is primarily used in the Jaimini system of astrology. The ruler of a Jaimini Chara Dasha is a Rashi and not a planet. It is not as straightforward to calculate as the Vimshottari Dasha system but is useful in Timing of Event. One peculiarity of the Chara Dasha is also that it does not always follow the same sequential order. The length of the time periods is also very unique to every single birth chart.
1. What is Chara Dasha
2. How to Calculate Chara Dasha
3. Prediction through Jaimini Systems
4. Timing by Chara Dasha

Language: English
Duration of the Course: 2 Hours
Fees – 2100/35$
Recording of the course will be given for 3 years.

Please save the recording. We will not take any responsibility after 7 days of sending the recording.
For more details contact: 91114-15550

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