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For this time period 28th November to 27th December, the Saturn will be in Purvaashada 1st Pada. So, lets know what it means for all 12 zodiac signs.

01, Dec 2018 Blog

For this time period 28th November to 27th December, the Saturn will be in Purvaashada 1st Pada. So, lets know what it means for all 12 zodiac signs.

Venus In Swati 1st Pada from 4th December to 9th December

Venus is synonymous with generosity and beauty. Venus is all about love and attachments. It is the ruler of the second house of the natural Zodiac signifying family and values and also wealth. As the ruler of the 7th house of the natural Zodiac, it typically denotes friendships unions and partnerships, marriages and our social standing.

It also denotes all the artistic forms of life which includes music, drama, literature and other art forms.

Venus is the planet which makes life livelier and more creative. Our ability to share with our families and our partners – business or personal – in life makes us more humane and acceptable.

The ability to appreciate beauty and to work to make the world better place with its congenial behaviour will go to Venus to a large extent. When Venus transits its own house, it becomes more powerful and strong. It can be said more so for its transit to Libra as Libra happens to be its moolatrikona sign.

In a retrograde state, a planet can be compared to going in an hibernating state and once it comes out of hibernation, it is likely to go ahead with full force. This is something that our Venus in Libra is experiencing at the moment. It would like to first assert its individual character before letting go and merge with the partner or others.

Swati is a nakshatra which is ruled by Rahu, a friend of Venus and a Nakshatra very much in the house of Venus.

Swati is symbolised by coral. A coral is an organism which speaks of beauty and cleans the underwater environment at the same time. Just like Venus. It has its own identity and yet over a period of time creates a smooth colony. Planets in Swati need to assert their own individuality and then are capable of finding a social group or structure. The coral has a very attractive and appealing look but that can be deceptive. The reefs or coral barriers can be very sharp and cutting. They are at times termed dangerous.

So, this nakshatra does have its flip side and Venus in this nakshatra – as the lord of 7th House of opposition in the 7th House forbears us not to take our enemies or opposition lightly. As long as we are careful with them, respect them and love them, we will be well looked after and taken care of too.

As per the Navamsha rules, it transits to Sagittarius Navamsha and so it reflects on its judicious nature as that of a Guru and preceptor.




For the Aries Lagna, it is time to give your spouse and partner the space they deserve and desire. It is time to pay heed to your partners in life as they may be in a position to initiate some change that could bloom into something beautiful and elaborate on a later date. It could also be financial rewarding if all the protocols are adhered to. Applying discretion would help us in taking decisions regarding the future of the company or relationship.


This is the time when you have the opportunity to assert yourself in your career. You will find ample reasons to quit at one point due to certain differences and difficulties. However, if you persist and stay firm on your principles and ideology, you will start finding your ground pretty soon.




The 5th Lord finds expression for self and assertion, there are chances that your intellectual abilities may be recognised and you would be applauded for it

You should be careful while making friends and discussing your strategies as you can make either foes or adversaries. Stay on the neutral ground and with most people and avoid confrontations with women.


For the Cancer Lagna, it is a good time to bring small but definite changes at home which exerts and establishes your identity, albeit in a friendly manner. Doing service for people at home will go a long way in establishing your identity and make you more loved. Secure your affections for the family members and keep away from outside temptations.



For the Leo Lagna, it is a time when your oratory skills will gain much acknowledgement. Bringing in a dose of congeniality in your speech and guiding people lovingly will help you gain more friends and mileage with people around. Being generous with siblings will work in your favour. This will also make your place for you in your organisation and will help you garner much honour at a later date.





Any start up that you have been planning has good grounds of taking off, provided you have set the rules of your business on ethical grounds. It will be a success if the enterprise is well underway after your Lagna Lord becomes direct. Also, it would be capable of generating a good income. For students it is the ideal time to set your mind to study a new subject or start on a new project. It is likely to take root and bring you good rewards.


Lagna Lord in the Lagna in Swati is a very individualistic position. It is time for you to show some enterprise and courage and start working towards proving yourself. As you are likely to find sudden changes coming your way this week, bringing out the courage in you will be fundamental in setting things right for you. Be firm but be humble can your motto.



For the Scorpio Lagna it is a great time for introspection. Time spent with family and money spent on them will bring you happiness. If you plan to start any charitable work or plan to donate anything to any charitable organisation, it is the right time to do so. For students, it is best to start studying after doing either pranayama or meditation for 15 minutes.


For the Sagittarius Lagna, this is a good time to take an initiative in making an income. Making inroads and showing courage in your desired area of work will help you ahead in life. You could also be making new contacts with the help of your elders or by portraying a pleasing personality. Your children may bring happiness your way.


This is a good week for the Capricorn Lagna as far as work related travel is considered. You may be recognised by your bosses. If you are compassionate and congenial to your subordinates while maintaining your individuality, you will be appreciated for your dedication. Put sometime away for your spiritual practices too.


For the Aquarius Lagna, it is time to start exhibiting your talents in your small way. Once you establish your identity, you can make great contacts which will help you in your career and on the long run help you reach out to the masses. It is also the time when your home may need certain fundamental changes. These changes are likely to beautify and bring prosperity to your home. For the students, learning a new subject or working on a new manner will help you secure confidence and some merits in the time to come.


For the Pisces Lagna, it is time for you to observe a change in the life of your siblings. There could be some new project coming your way which could bring about some change in your organisation or method of working. There may be some merriment for you and a new beginning of sorts.


PLANETAS ON 2-12-18AS ON 9-12-18
SUNScorpioAnuradha – 4ScorpioJyestha- 2
MOONVirgoHasta – 1VirgoMoola – 4
MARSAquariusSatabhisha – 3AquariusPurvaBhadra – 1
MercuryScorpioAnuradha – 1ScorpioAnuradha – 1
JUPITERScorpioAnuradha – 3ScorpioAnuradha – 3
VENUSLibraChitra – 4LibraSwati – 1
SATURNSagittariusPurvaashada – 1SagittariusPurvaashada – 1
RAHUCancerPushya – 1CancerPunarvasu – 4
KETUCapricornUttaraashada-3CapricornUttaraashada -2




2nd December – Sunday

3rd December – Monday


16th December – Important date to remember. Venus crosses the point of retrograde. 


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