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15, Feb 2019 Blog



Aquarius is a fixed sign owned by Rahu and Saturn. These two planets together depict change. Being a fixed sign Aquarius also denotes stubbornness, specially of the mind as it is also an Airy sign. As the air element is always on the move and shows no attachment to a place, person or object, this sign too exhibits these ideas. The sign of Aquarius is a progressive and proactive sign open to new ideas and innovations. This sign exhibits a great deal of scientific research and explanations and an openness to anything new. A planet placed in this sign gives one the opportunity to experience, experiment and expand their knowledge on those grounds.

As an Airy sign, they are open and being co ruled by Saturn, they value honesty and transparency in themselves and others. As Rahu is also one the Co-owners this sign, this sign shows peculiar characteristics which are so much a part of the Rahuvian nature.


The Sun is the biggest planet of all the 7 in the Vedic Astrology. It is also the most important luminary. The movement of Sun from one sign to another brings in significant changes for a person. It denotes a change in attitude and internal aspirations of a person as it is the representative of the Soul. It represents all those factors of a person’s life that are big or huge in stature like the Government, the head of the family, name, fame, ancestors, wealth and reputation among other things.

As it is a huge ball of fire, thereby depicting the fire element, the advent of Sun in a particular sign can motivate us in the direction of that Sign.

As the Sun advents into the Airy sign of Aquarius which is also the 11th sign of the Natural Zodiac, it motivates us towards new ideas and ventures. It, in general would assist us to understand and assess new ways of generating income. Depending on the house that this transit takes place, this underlying principle will modulate.



For the Aries Lagna, the 5th Lord of luck transits the 11th House of gains. It is a golden period for you to understand deep-seated secrets of the Universe as Sun transit the sign and house of inventions and research for you. It is also the time when your children may feel like opposing you on many a count. An understanding of their nature and patience will help you encounter the otherwise explosive situation. It is a period when you can ride piggyback on your luck and find a circle of friends that will help your inner growth.



For the Taurus Lagna, as the 4th Lord transits the 10th House, it is the time when you are likely to find yourself travelling away from home due to work. It is also a time when may be trying to find new ventures in your work which will identify yourself as different and unique from others. It would be good for you to propionate the Sun God early in the morning as it is in its strength in transit for you. It is also a good opportunity for you to prioritise your professional goals for a better development and structurisation.



For the Gemini Lagna as the 3rd Lord transits the 9th House, the time to create your own destiny is very strong. The Soul propels you to work hard and inject some positive thoughts and aspirations in your day to day working. It is a period of following traditional remedies and listening to your elders, especially the ones you revere. It is also the time when your deep-seated thoughts have the ability to align itself so that you could function smoothly. If you can work from that platform then you will be able to tap in to your luck for a better life.



For the Cancer Lagna, as the Lord of the 2nd House transits the 8th House of change, it is the time for you to find some change in your financial system as you can now spot inherent deficiencies in your system. It is the time when in laws as family will require support and advice for their sustenance. It is also advised that you meditate and self-introspect to get a better review of your wealth. Students are advised to go in for a deep analysis of their areas of strength and weakness and assess themselves for a better understanding of their position.



For the Leo Lagna, the Lagna Lord transits the 7th House giving you a platform and an area of proving your substance. It is the time when you may feel on the top of the world and your partner may also feel the same. It is a time you will find illumination in your work, that is the pathways you have been searching for will appear, the fact that you move on them is your choice as the Lagna Lord moves over a Kendra enabling you with life choices.



The Lord of the 12th House transits the 6th House and gives on the opportunity to settle legal matters out of court. It is also the time when you are likely to develop an understanding of what you can let go off to improve your physical and spiritual self. As it is also Lord of the 12th House of charities, it is the time to give donations, especially to employees and hospitals as it would help you to remove certain obstacles.



For the Scorpio Lagna, it is the Lord of the 11th House of gains transiting your 5th House. Your ability to think out of box and the easy way to use your intelligence will help you to earn the much-awaited income and gains. It is also the time you could come across like-minded people and start a holist group that could be spiritually sustaining for you. A time when students could go in for real learning as it will help you to achieve the recognition you so desire and deserve.



For the Scorpio Lagna, as the 10th Lord transits the 4th House, you may find a venture which will bring in additional income and happiness to the family. It could be a raise in your income, an award or a prize conferred on to you. Your mother in law could also bestow a gift or visit to you. It is the time when your sense of security and happiness will be on the increase and you will have the general feeling of benevolence within you. Your luck and compassion will be on the rise but you would not willing to show it.



As the Sun transits your 3rd House, it is the time when you are open to being a daredevil, albeit taking calculated risks along the way. Your circle of friends seems to be increasing rapidly and you will find yourself hobnobbing with well known faces. Your creativity can be on its rise and you will be in a position to showcase your talents. Maintaining a schedule will do you good. Listen to your gut instincts as they will guide you well.



The 8th Lord, Sun transits the 2nd House and is aspected by the Lagna Lord from the 12th House. It is a time when you need to revise your plans and administrative abilities and remove the undesirable from the system, cleanse your internal programme of all that is not required for your financial and spiritual growth. If is also advisable that you do not take any loans during this phase as you may find obstacles in returning them. A control on your speech and temper can save you from many a untowardly happenings in your day to day life.



For the Aquarius Lagna, as the Sun transits the Lagna. the Sun is the 7th Lord placed in the 1st House. As it transits the Lagna, it denotes the time when you are likely to gain much ground in setting a standard in society due to your specialty or strengths. It is the time when your spouse id likely to be the center of your universe. As it is also aspected by the Lagna Lord, it is the time when you have a great opportunity to develop a social platform for yourself and also create a good rapport with your other half. It is also the time when the desires or the path chosen by the Source will unravel itself. Watch out for such instances and places.



For the Pisces Lagna, as the 6th Lord transits the 12th House, it is a Vipreet Raj Yoga that is formed. As per this Yoga, you may feel the pinch of undergoing some difficulties for a period, however it is likely to get you benefits on the long run. Expenses on account of employees, travel or medical issues may be on the rise but will ultimately be for your benefit. It is imperative that you go on a soul search to bring about a few changes within you that are likely to enhance your personal growth spiritually. The best way to do so is meditation or a visit to an ashram.

Transit this Week


Sun – DK 11 Aq 04′ 54.36″ Sata 2 Aq Cp

Moon – GK 12 Li 01′ 22.07″ Swat 2 Li Cp

Mars – PK 12 Ar 24′ 50.03″ Aswi 4 Ar Cn

Mercury – AmK 28 Aq 42′ 59.15″ PBha 3 Aq Ge

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