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31, Jan 2022 Blog


Sun in Sagittarius from 16th December 2018 to 14th January 2019

A planet because of which life exists on earth, the Sun holds the place of the life giver for us. In Vedic Astrology, it has been compared to the king and also the father, atma or the soul.

Every month, the Aditya or the Sun of Aditi transiting a sign changes as it moves into a new sign. As the Sun moves into the sign of Sagittarius, it takes the name of Ayushman. It means Blessed with long life. This Sun acts as a benefic and gets a lot of strength in this sign of Sagittarius. As Sun transits in the sign of Sagittarius, it endows one with spiritual knowledge and vitality. The ability to feel happy in all circumstances is also seen with this sign.

Rishi Kashyapa is one of Saptarishi, the seven famed rishis considered to be author of many hymns and verses of the Rigveda.

Kashmir, the northern Himalayan region of the Indian subcontinent got its name from Kashyapa Rishi. Rishi Kashyapa is also said to be the progenitor of all beings- humans and animals alike on this planet earth, their by establishing the association of Sun in Sagittarius to help in numerous creative activities.

Mahāśaṅkha the Naga associated with it is a chief Nāga of Pātāla; a thousand hooded snake; presiding over as the Naga accompanying the Sun this month. Thus, this too gives the Sun a very strong and forceful nature and one akin to the king. Urvasi, the most beautiful of Apsaras in the court of Indra is the Apsara accompanying the Sun in his transit to the Sagittarius thus lending beauty, skill and grace to this sign when Sun transits it.

Sagittarius is a sign which represents duties, preceptor or Guru and grandparents. It is judicious and also is the law maker of the zodiac. Being the territory of Jupiter who is the representation of happiness, reverence and wealth, this sign shows eternal optimism and the ability to spring back after every defeat. This trait can be awe inspiring and commendable. Being a dual or transitionary sign, they have the ability to complete any work they start.

As it is a sign Sun is comfortable with, Sun in Sagittarius is generally taken to be a good transit. However, with the presence of Saturn in Sagittarius this time around, the scenario is slightly different. With the conflicting father – son duo in a same sign can be a little difficult energy for the native to handle. The area of such expression will depend on the sign it falls in a person’s natal chart. It is possible to handle this energy by remaining calm and not being over bearing on children or subordinates. Maintain cordial relationships with parents and seniors also work in the favour of keeping the Saturn aspect balanced.


For the Aries Lagna as the 5th Lord moves in the 9th House, it bestows honour and recognition in your path. There could be travel related to pilgrimages and that could bring you happiness. As the 5th Lord goes associates with the combust 10th and 11th Lord, it could be your chance to earn or your name could spread far and wide as compared to your earnings.



For the Taurus Lagna, as the 4th Lord Sun transits into the 8th House, it is likely to bring about a change in your home and emotions. There could be instances when you would be forced to look at emotional issues in a new light which you can overcome after a month and it will bring you much relief. As the Lord of the 9th and 10th accompany your 4th Lord in the 8th House, it is time to nail those security issues regarding your career and set on a path of improvement.



As the Lord of the 3rd House of your subconscious mind and friends transit your 7th House of social platform, it would do you good to make most of it. It is an opportune moment for you to bring about a change in your personal and professional self. The Sun and Saturn combination in the chart is your indication to a change at the intrinsic level. It is best that this be ignited by you from a subconscious level of wiring rather than it being forced upon you. It is a time for you to acknowledge your elders on the social platform and give everyone their due.



As the 2nd Lord moves in the 6th House, it calls for service to family. It is a time for your gain wealth through your impeccable show of being available to help everyone at all times. This will upraise your social standing and help others to trust you with their money. Children could also bring in simple joys and happiness due to conversations with them or their academic achievements. You are likely to make a windfall this month if you are honest and straight forward in your dealings.



For the Leo Lagna, as the Lagna Lord moves in the 5th House, it brings much joy and recognition. It is likely that you will receive recognition at your place of worship. However, it is advised that you keep your ego low and maintain a congenial atmosphere at work. This will help you to rise in the eyes of your fellow workers and subordinates and will earn a lot of appreciation in the coming months. Children may also take centre stage in life.


As the Sun, the Lord of the 12th moves in the 4th House, it us suggested that you be careful of wastage of all kinds at home. Accompanied with the 6th Lord, it indicates that wastage can lead to much problems later. It is important to pay attention to the health of the children also. Your sustained efforts and initiations can reap you benefits but can also cause workload and hence cause sleeplessness.



For the Libra Lagna, the 11th Lord and the 5th Lord conjoin in the 3rd House. This indicates a time when you should make a lot of contacts which will get you to move up on the social and professional ladder. However, it would be advised that you stay away from any politics or conflicts of the employer and employee kinds. This will keep you stress free. Avoid any misunderstandings with siblings and do not try to be authoritative with them. This is not the time for speculative business as the aspect on the 5th House does not favour such income. Luck would favour you and bestow name and fame in your direction of work only if you have worked hard for it. A change in the way of earning or an extra source of earning can be seen.













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