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23, Nov 2018 Blog


Saturn In Purvaashada 1st Pada from 28th November to 27th December

Saturn is a planet which travels slowly. The planet of which is said to be the most judicial and structural planet. It is often said that it creates restrictions and can be binding. On a closer, look, I find these restrictions useful and challenging. We all need time frames, definite areas of work and such parameters to perform to the best of our capabilities. Or else, we would be all over the place and not a single project, work or relationship will be fulfilling.

As it travels slowly, it gives us enough time to work on the said issue from various angles and through different parameters. Structure gives a definite form to the work and hand and on a personal level helps us achieve our goals and aim. On a spiritual level, it helps us evolve.

Time, as they say, is neither anyone’s friend nor anyone’s foe. It simply moves at its own pace and dispenses with justice without bias.

Saturn the planet of Justice or Kala as referred to in Astrology gives us our due – the good, the bad or the ugly as it transits the zodiac.

As Saturn enters the Purvaashada Nakshatra, we would see fundamental changes beginning to take shape. Purvaashada means early victory. It has a strong element of invincibility working for it. It shows the dual qualities of patience and adversity as and when the need arises. With the winnowing basket as one of its symbols, it helps in sieving or filtering out the waste from what is required. Being a Nakshatra which is optimistic, it infuses a person with enthusiasm and zeal. The first Pada of Purvashada goes to Leo in the Navamsha, a sign which in itself is exuberant and enthusiastic. It shows a high moral character and being the house of celebrities, brings in much attention to the planet transiting this sign.

However, a word of caution in respect to Saturn. There might be some discomfort with respect to it as Saturn is not very comfortable in the sign of Leo due to its strained relation with Sun. Therefore it though does gives results but not as desired or strong as the 2nd or the 3rd pada.



For the Aries Lagna, this is the time when your past efforts are likely to gain ground and will bring you into the forefront. It is the time when children may need attention and a disciplined hand and you need to set your routine right. This will give you a lot of structure and you are likely to benefit from it. You may have sudden gains during this period but if you go about being honest and fair about these gains, you will benefit in the long run. Try helping elders and remember your ancestors for a good month ahead.



For the Taurus Lagna, there may be some changes in the home front. There may also be changes with the health of mother and you need to take care about it. As the Lagna Lord forms a good relation with Saturn, there may be some happy news on the way. You may receive good news and appraisal regarding some work-related issues. However, this should not make you stop constant evolution of your work. If you work harder, you will definitely be in the winning streak in 2 months’ time.



As Saturn moves further in the 7th House, it call for restructuring and being cautious about your initiatives and speech on public platforms. Any squabble with the spouse which appears to be a victory now can result in a problem on a later date, few months down the lane. There is a good chance that you will find name and social status in the coming months. Stay away from any scuffles amongst siblings and beware of property issues.



This is a time when you need to pay attention to your health. Doing service to others while remaining detached will help you go great places and make into the way to success. However, detachment is the way of life for the next few months. Paying close attention to your health for 2 months will benefit you in the long run. Exercising control over your health habits and food related matters will give you a smoother life.



For the Leo Lagna, the next few months till January could bring in some amount of turmoil and restlessness. There would a call on your part to make certain structural and fundamental changes in lifestyle and business and to have a strong administrative hand in the life of your children. If you have any project that needs to be completed on time, it is imperative that you bring in a very strong sense of administration in it.



For the Virgo Lagna, it is best if you think and redo and restructurise matters regarding the health, security and safety of your home and family members. It is also a time when you would be travelling long and short distances and it is important that you check those travel plans multiple times. You are likely to meet with good news while on travel. A part of your plan of action will have completed a happy cycle.



This is the time for you to earn some good income if you make some focused and dedicated efforts. For the next month, elder and younger siblings will have a great deal of say in your life and family life will be busy it some major decisions to be taken. You may seem low on the uptake but when you develop courage and show a keen initiator ability, you are likely to go places. This is a good time period to set your foot in the market and let your work show, provided you have done your ground work beforehand.



As you have brought about the required structural changes in your work, you are likely to see their effects blooming at your workplace and derive a sense of achievement from it. Family members are also likely to applaud you for it. You need to take care about your mother and show more interest in her health. It is a period when studying a subject related to your profession will be helpful for you.




For the next one month, what ever advice that you receive from the elders in the family, specially the ones you respect a lot and your siblings should be given a lot of importance. Restrict yourself from breaking traditional values and practices. Pay good heed to speech and speak well. Anything false and negative spoken by you will come to bite you so please be aware of it.



For the Capricorn Lagna, sudden changes are likely to be the call this month. You might find certain changes in your wealth quotient and may also see a fluctuation in the finances of your spouse. This is a good time for you to start meditating and if you have, do the meditation with a great deal of zeal. It will help you realise a few truths about life and bring stability in your life.



For the Aquarius Lagna, your spouse may feel a little under the weather and may require attention. You are likely to gain public platform in some manner and if you want to remain on this tangent, you should keep up your good work and ethics in place. Maintaining contacts will help you reach your goals faster. However, make stable friends and not just friends in the passing.



For the Pisces Lagna, travel for work seems to be on the cards. It is adviced that you be very prepared and check your travel plans as regards your business so that they remain in place and go not go haywire. For those into meditation, it is a good time to rejuvenate yourself. Doing charity to the old and infirm will see you going places and prosper in your business. Proper health care will give you a sturdy system and help you work harder.

PLANETAS ON 25-11-18AS ON 2-12-18
SUNScorpioAnuradha – 2ScorpioAnuradha – 4
MOONGeminiMrigasira – 4VirgoHasta – 1
MARSAquariusSatabhisha – 2AquariusSatabhisha – 3
MERCURY RxScorpioAnuradha – 4ScorpioAnuradha – 1
JUPITERScorpioAnuradha – 2ScorpioAnuradha – 3
VENUSLibraChitra – 3LibraChitra – 4
SATURNSagittariusMoola – 4SagittariusPurvaashada – 1
RAHUCancerPushya – 1CancerPushya – 1



Saturday 24-11-18

Tuesday 27-11-18

Wednesday 28-11-18

Saturday 1-12-18

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