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16, Nov 2018 Blog


Mercury Retrograde in Jyestha 1st Pada from 17th November to 7th December

Mercury is the planet of communication and electronic media. It also represents education and trade and commerce. As we are well aware, trade and commerce cannot be worked on unless communication is effective, Mercury becomes a key planet in any business activity.

Jyestha Nakshatra is ruled by Mercury. Jyestha means the eldest and its Deity is Indra. Indra is the head of the Devtas and reigns supreme over them. He is said to be very forceful in his attitude and can be very ruthless. He also shows egoistic tendencies and can be very self-indulgent. Being fond of power, he can be very over bearing and show a great deal of competitive spirit. He also shows a great lure for the opposite gender and has numerous addictions- specially to the soma ras.

When the planets in transit get retrograde, the energies of the planet are internalised. It seems as if the planet has moved in hibernation and they delay the effects of their genre. On the bright side, the parts left undone or unfinished during a direct transiting period can be picked up again and brought to a natural conclusion.

Mercury retrograde brings with it a slowing down in communications and heightens indecision. Written contracts and agreements made during this phase go for a toss on the long run and more often than not, travel plans face major blocks. It is better to wait for a while rather than suffer on the long run.

Medicine and health care also suffer as Mercury rules over the 6th House and for Jyestha Nakshatra associated with addictions, people with addictions should show more cautious during this Mercury retrograde as it can tempt people to fall in a relapse. Trying to be very temperamental or over bearing during this retrograde can cost one their position and place in the organisation and their good name. Their might also be some Karmic pay back as Mercury the ruler of the 6th House of Prarabdha retrogrades in the 8th House of past life.

Mercury Retrograde for each Lagna


Mercury retrograde would be a time to pay heed to health and personal relationships. A very strong need to rethink twice before saying anything in course of conversation will keep you out of troubles. It is a time when you need sort out your emotional energy about your siblings and understand your true courage. It will help you move forward with your work in life once Mercury turns direct.


As the 2nd and 5th Lord goes direct, Mercury askes us to let go of our dominating nature with our family and children and try to accept situations regarding them. Once we have accepted the situation, it would be easy for us to move ahead and create an interactive platform. It is important to make them feel special and understand their needs. It is time to see into the practical aspect of your education and access if it is helping you generate your wealth to sustain your family.


As the Lagna Lord retrogrades in the house of service and health, it is time to pay attention to the service you have to offer to people in life. Being magnanimous can be beneficial. A recurring court case or litigation can find its way back in life. Domestic life needs to be addressed closely as you may be making certain mistakes which can be emotionally costly and need to be repaired. Best not to be adamant. Try to stay away from emotional outbursts and be accommodating at home to maintain peace. You may chance across an old employee who will have past associations with you.


For the Cancer Lagna, as Mercury is the 3rd Lord and moves in the 5th House, it is a good time to make a repeated attempt at a job involving practical application of the mind. You are cautioned to double check your travel plans as they have a habit of going hay wire. This is also a good time to contemplate on your relationship with your friends and siblings.


As Mercury is the Lord of the 11th and 2nd Houses, both connected to wealth and family, it is high time you look at the emotional quotient involved in the generation of your wealth and the way it effects your family members. There may be a need for you to secure a previous income. You may be required to do some more research about it before you can secure it.


For the Virgo Lagna, as the Lagna Lord and the 10th Lord goes retrograde in the 3rd House, any business initiative that had previously got stuck stands a good chance of revival provided you exert proper attention on your communication. If you happen to be a writer, it is also a good time to take out an old, unfinished project and work on it. It will do you a lot good. Any deal with your siblings related to work should be seen with a lot of caution. Best not to be adamant or try to act dominating.


For the Libra Lagna, as the 9th Lord and 12th Lord goes retrograde in the 2nd House, it is the best time for those students to restart learning a subject they find difficult. All they need to do is to re think of planning it out in the way they like to learn it the best. Be intuitive in your style. It is also a time for moving inward and doing introspection about your values and your family and relationships. Take care of your health to stay way from any relapses of illness.


It is now the time for Scorpio Lagna people think of ways to bring about change in their income. It could also be a time to revisit grey areas of relationship with spouse and their family which need healing. An introspection will go a long way in making you aware of your shortcomings. It is likely that you are going to come across an old acquaintance from the past who may have played a pivotal role in your emotional life at some point and may need some help or assistance.


For the Sagittarius Lagna, it is now the time to take a serious call on those aspects of relationships or partnerships and business activities that have lost their vigour. Accessing them and taking a call on them will give you clear picture of your way forward and cutting your losses when Mercury turns direct. Be careful about your travels on account of business and recheck your plans and schedules. Making new business deals during this period may cost you not only business losses but also a tarnish in your relationships. However, letting go of some strong negotiation can prove favourable for you at a later date.


For the Capricorn Lagna, as the 6th Lord turns retrograde in the 11th House, it is time to pay close attention to your health as there are major chances of relapse due to excesses and negligence on your part. It is also a time when you can open channels of communications with elders in family about issues of dispute. If you keep a check on your tongue, you will be victorious in your efforts. Being kind to servants and keeping a steady routine will help you tide this period very gracefully.


For the Aquarius Lagna, this is a time reviving your behaviour with your bosses and children. A need to change on this aspect will arise soon. For those planning to go into writing or publishing a book or a blog should think on a different tangent to make it a success. Past emotional issues regarding family and home may surface with a vengeance and you need to handle it with a lot patience and care. It is time to do some meditation to sharpen your intuitional powers for the long run.


For the Pisces Lagna, its time when you may feel frustrated while doing things again and again both at the home front and at work, it will simply go to make you more perfect. Please let go of any scuffles with partners and spouse to maintain your peace of mind. It is best if you heed the advice of elders in the family, especially the ones which are being sounded out to you time and time again. It is the best time to reconnect with mother on a very loving and advisory level.

PLANETAS ON 18-11-18AS ON 25-11-18
SUNScorpioVishakha – 4ScorpioAnuradha – 2
MOONAquariusPurvaBhadra 3GeminiMrigasira – 4
MARSAquariusSatabhisha – 1AquariusSatabhisha – 2
MERCURY RxScorpioJyestha – 1ScorpioAnuradha – 4
JUPITERScorpioAnuradha – 2ScorpioAnuradha – 2
VENUSLibra (Rx)Chitra – 3Libra (D)Chitra – 3
SATURNSagittariusMoola – 4th PadaSagittariusMoola – 4th Pada
RAHUCancerPushya – 1st PadaCancerPushya – 1st Pada


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