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08, Feb 2019 Blog


Mars in Ashwini from 6th February 2019 to 26th February 2019


Ashwini Nakshatra is the first Nakshatra of the in the series of the 28 Nakshatras. The Ashwini Kumars called Natsya and Dasra are the celestial physicians who are always on the travel. As in their travels, they come across many a person who are in trouble and they go along helping such people. The Ashwini Kumars are a very jovial set of twins and have a great sense of humour. They are very swift in their actions and are ready to help the people at the word go. They not only help to solve marital problems but also aid in childbirth.

Being the twins of Surya or Martandya who is the Sun of our solar system and was married to Sanjana, the daughter of Tvastar, the architect of the Universe. An extremely intelligent pair of twins, these young men look perpetually young and have the power to bring back the dead to life. In love with all that is Pomp and show, these twins also like to hobnob with the rich and the famous- namely the Devtas.

As the golden chariot is their favoured mode of transportation, they are comfortable to wealthy and fond of a fast and furious life. There are many a feature about these twins that we would see that corelate with Mars.


Mars is a swift and an agile planet. Mars is defined as the Warrior planet which is born of Mother Earth so it is also known as the Bhumi Putra. Mars gives proficiency in engineering and Technical matters. It also makes a person very argumentative and aggressive point anger is a flip side of an adverse replaced mass. When Mars is strong it represents a very strategic person or a person who has the ability to plan out every move of his life. Mars gives strong desires and an ability to match. An effective mass can also cause arrogance and jealous nature

Following are some of the signification of Mars as per Uttara Kalamrita a) Valor b) land c) Strength d) Battle e) Foes f) Archeologist g) Quadrupeds h) King i) Fire j) Bile k) Wounds l) Heat m) Sword n) Obstacles o) Worship of Subrahmanya p) Eating non – vegetarian food q) Bitterness of taste r) Strong towards the end of the night s) Gold t) Man u) Character v) Painful urination w) Blood x) Desire y) Anger z) Snake

It is generally seen that a strong Mars will give a good result with respect to above-mentioned significations while a weak Mars represents the deficiency of the same.



For the Aries Lagna, Mars is the Lagna Lord. It is the time when the Lagna gains much momentum. As Ashwini and Mars both represent fast and quick working, the Lagna Lord will show a great deal of energy and vigour. You will be able to get things done in a very prompt manner. Help will be available to you on tap. As you make your decisions, you need to take heed to revise them at least a couple of times so that you are not hasty. It is a time when you are likely to gain due to others if you are gracious enough to help them in their time of need.



For the Taurus Lagna, the 12th Lord in the 12th House depicts a time which is conducive for all 12th House activities with a lot of energy. It is a time when you are likely to go on a holiday which will be very enervating for you. It is also a time when you are in a charitable mode and it is likely to do a lot of good. Helping blind people would be a benefit for you. You are likely to spend money on your spouse and partners.



For the Gemini Lagna, it is the time when the Lord of the 11th House transits the 11th. This is a good time for you to make great inroads in your circle of contacts. This is also a time when you are likely to make some gains due to a previous service. It is also advised that you stay focused about your health also. It is time you can get into some heated arguments with your partners. Learning to keep the fire under control will go a long way.




For the Cancer Lagna, Mars is the Yogakaraka and represents the 10th House and the 5th House. If you are able to garner energy within you, you are likely to experience on of the luckiest periods for the next year to come. It is a time when your children are likely to show a lot of boisterousness and yet it will get you a lot of happiness. An active mind as relates to being praised for your abilities and intelligence. Your name and fame is likely to reach a long way and happiness that you harbored for is something just within your reach.



For the Leo Lagna, as the 9th Lord and 4th Lord transits the 9th House while aspecting the 4th House, health and happiness its way in your life with much ease and vigour. You are likely to be bestowed with unexpected luck. Your good deeds are likely to be recognised and and will be rewarded for it. You will also me inclined to move towards religious deeds and they would bring happiness to you and your family members from within. This is also a time when elders in the family may show some improvement in health and wellness so you would also feel secure on that front. As you pray to Lord Hanuman, the obstacles in your life are likely to dissolve and give you a great sense of freedom.



For the Virgo Lagna, this is a time when you are likely to face a lot of swift and sometimes challenging changes in your life. It is a time when you are also likely to initiate a lot of chances in your life. It could be a time when the anger quotient in your life is likely to go up so you are advised to keep a check on your temper. It is time for you use this Martian energy to develop your skills and competence. Diverting this energy towards health would also take the heat away from anger and irritation. It is also time for you return the borrowed money back again to others. There may be some mental trouble that may cause irritations. However, as suggested above, using this energy for exercise or meditation will calm you down and bring about a lot of stability.



For the Libra Lagna, it is the time for the 2nd Lord and the 7th Lord transiting the 7th House brings in new opportunities for new partnerships. Partners, both in personal and professional front are full of life and bustling with activity. It is the time when you are likely to enter a new relationship which will be intense and consuming. There will be a lot of hurry burry which is likely to sometimes leave you in a tizzy. Social circuit will be at its peak and will demand your time and attention.



For Scorpio, the Lord. Of the Lagna transits the 6th House and aspects the Lagna

It is a good phase to get all your problems and litigations on the forefront. As the 6th Lord transits this house, it gives you an opportunity to get all your cases solved or moved in your favour. It is also the time when you should have a strong control over your blood pressure and stay away from acrimonious behavior. It would do you a lot good if you take care of your bones. Financially Helping any young servant would be in your favour.


For the Sagittarius Lagna, it is the time when you are feeling like on the top of the world. It is with the Lord of the 5th House transiting the 5th House and also aspecting its own house of the 12th House. You are likely to become a lot more passionate about your hobbies and your ambitions are likely to become more and more pronounced. You are also likely to travel, more on account of leisure and fun. You’re children may seem to be agitated but will be raring to go and will bring in a few achievements this time around.



For the Capricorn Lagna, the 4th Lord and the 11th Lord transits the 4th House. This is the time when educational achievements for students will be very important and if given adequate attention, students will be able. To achieve a lot. Mother and mother like figures will be a force of inspiration and home front may be very energetic and on a boisterous level.



For the Aquarius Lagna, the 3rd Lord and the 10th Lord transits the 3rd House. The time when brothers will play a very significant role in helping you set up your professional front and a good image in front of others. It is also a time when you may work hard towards establishing yourself firmly in your field of action. As the 3rd Lord is transiting your 3rd House, it would energise your spirit and speak that you could now easily impress others and consequently be proved to be an excellent orator. Pay heed to the indications you receive from nature.



For the Pisces Lagna, the 9th Lord and the 2nd Lord transits the 2nd House and also aspects the 9th House. Any change that you have felt in the last few months and the discomfort due to it will now start showing its meaning and you will feel enriched and lucky for it. It is also the time when you are likely to earn a bountiful of not just wealth but name, fame and success too. It is the time when you should do some service to the elderly, especially family members. It will serve as blessings from the Divine for you.


Sunday – 10th February

Thursday – 14th February

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