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Planet This Week – MARS

01, Nov 2018 Blog

Planet This Week – MARS

Mars in Dhanistha from

Mars is a planet of energy and vitality. As per Uttarakalamrita Mars stands for, soldier, commander, younger brother, battle, enemies, controversies, fire, blood, marrow, charitable nature, steadfastness, anger, youth, courageous behavior, abusing or criticizing people, skill in archery, weapons etc.

Dhanistha is the Nakshatra of excellence and wealth. Connected to the Astha Vasus, it gives a lot of wealth and good skills to a person. Being Mars in its own Nakshatra adds on to it in Mars favor. More so as it is also the Nakshatra of exaltation for Mars. So, Mars prospers when it transits this Nakshatra.

Mars in the 3rd Pada Dhanishta falls as the first pada of Aquarius. By the Navamsha rules, it falls in Libra and that being an airy sign promotes intelligence and social nature. As it is the House of Venus, the sharing caring planet it generally promotes marital harmony and much social activities. It also promotes a lot of musical abilities and functions. However, in this transit, the scene would be different. As Venus is retrograde, there would be the transgression of Venus from being gentle, giving and the graceful planet to the disciplinary warrior, ready to take up arms for any cause, especially social ones.

Now let us take up the effects that Mars will have in 3rd Pada of Dhanistha for all Lagnas.


Mars the Lagna Lord of Aries is in Dhanistha 3rd pada giving one ample opportunity to earn good money. However, please be careful with your choice of words in public and stay away from quarrels.


Mars in transit aspects the Ascendant and helps the person to move ahead in life. However, choose to be nice to people at your workplace for the next 2 weeks to gain mileage. Please remain politically correct.


Mars in the House of father, preceptor and higher knowledge helps you gain income through knowledge. However, please be aware of any romantic inclinations in your friend circles. It could put you in a spot, and in the limelight for the wrong reasons.


Your in-laws require your attention at the moment. There may be sudden gains during this period. However, please do not upset your mother or mother figure. This will go a long way in maintaining peace at home.


This should see an increase in the income of your spouse. However, to maintain peace and stability at home and with friends, do not get into heated discussions. Keep a low profile and you will manage to make your mark socially and at the work place with your skills sets.


You may get the recognition that you deserve for the project at your workplace, but the expected raise may take another 15 days to come your way. Keep a check on your expenses. A sudden windfall will see you through.


It is time to learn some skills to make some money and up your social quotient after some time, (till Mars reaches Aries sign). Stay away from fights with spouse regarding children. They would end up taking advantage of you both. Instead, help them become better.


Lagna Lord in the 4th House brings a lot of wealth for the family and mother is at her energetic best. Do not neglect your spouse and ignore their challenging tongue for a few days.


It is a great time to see your hard work bearing fruits. However, keep away from negative people, especially at the workplace because retrograde Venus is the 6th Lord of the workplace and 11th Lord of contacts, so stay positive at work place.


Mars in 2nd House as the Lord of 4th House brings in peace and security at home and the much-awaited gains. Treat your house helpers with respect and care and see your business flourish.


Mars as the Lord of change may bring about some change in business profile provided you work and not show anger for petty stuff. Too much of anger is also a sign of low self-esteem so gather courage and determination and plod further to get good results after 2 weeks. Sow seeds now and reap later.


It is suggested that you take your spouse out for a vacation to maintain peace and harmony in married life. It would do you a whole lot of good to be at your best behavior with your mother in law and sister in law.

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