As per Uttara Kalamrita shloka number 45 ½ to 25 of Chapter 5, misunderstandings, sickness, misery, death, happiness, good looks, time, one without manliness, these three sacred fires, great anger, friendship with the wicked, learning the trade of another class, wondering, lifesaving drugs, long standing distress, theft, worshipping Lord Yama come under the preview of Saturn


As per Uttara Kalamrita sloka number 53 to 551/2 of Chapter 5, Ketu represents the worship of Lord Ganesha and many other Gods, doctor, dog, salvation, all kinds of wealth prosperity, bathing in the holy Ganges, knowledge of Brahma, observing silence is a fast, philosophy, all sorts of luxurious, luck, trouble from Enemies, loss of appetite, Indifference to the world, boils and like skin troubles, provoking the orders of arrest and Association with shudras.


The 9th house denotes giving alms, virtues, religion, pilgrimage, penance, reverence to elders, medicinal drugs, conduct, purity of Mind, divine worship, hard work to acquire learning, Splendor, conveyance, affluence, destiny, dignity, table, travel, Holy bath, Nourishment, good company, happiness, paternal wealth, Sun, daughter, all sorts of wealth, horses, elephants, buffalo, coronation hall, establishing the Brahmin faith, a Vedic sacrifice, circulation of wealth etc. are to be predicted from the 9th house as per Uttara Kalamrita sloka number 151/2 to 19 of Chapter 5.

It is said Ketu is the inlet of Karma and Rahu its distribution. So, as per the House transiting for you, it would mean that there would be certain movement or activities which will give rise to situations that you need to act or react to. Rahu, on the other hand, would mean that those would be the areas you would be working the Karma out so these houses too would be activated.


For the Aries Lagna, Saturn, the Lord of the 10th and 11th House is associated with Ketu. It is time for you to streamline your knowledge in a manner that it brings you prosperity and luck. For that it is time to work really hard and be true to yourself. Honesty and truthfulness are two factors you should really care about because this would make or break your career or your state of income. For the scholars, it is one of the best times because as luck would have it, you would find a lot many opportunities coming your way when move out to learn some traditional and higher knowledge.


For the Taurus Lagna, Ketu and Saturn which is the 9th Lord of spirituality transits in the 8th House of intense sadhna and practices along with Ketu, the planet of spiritual practices. Saturn is also the 10th Lord. As regards your work and spiritual Sadhna, you are likely to find an intense period in your life that may shake you up at times. It will take you into deep hidden recesses of your life and you will have a great affinity for your own company. You are likely to start some work where you will find a deep connect with Divinity. It is also the time when you are cautioned against working with other people’s money. You are likely to lose it.


For the Gemini Lagna, the 8th Lord and the 9th Lord is in the 7th House with Ketu. There is a huge possibility of the partner being attracted towards the metaphysical. There would be instances of Puja or spiritual practices taking place in the factory. Those partnerships which have lived off their Karmic debts may come to pass. It is also a time when you would find a need to be in seclusion and to go deep within yourself to find some answers to bring a sense of peace within you.


For the Cancer Lagna, it is the time when Ketu and Saturn transit the 6th House of your Natal Chart. 6th House is an Upachaya house. It being a malefic house also, does good for the Cancer Lagna. However, you need to take care of your partners in terms of health and emotional well-being. It is also the time when your health need total assessment and care and in doing so, you will emerge as a winner. You may find competition giving you a tough race but you will, on application of hard work, emerge the winner.


As per the Leo Lagna, Saturn and Ketu transit the 5th House. It is a time when you see an intense movement towards doing mantras and trying to understand the impact of life and the Prarabdha operating in your life. It is a time when you are suggested to stay off from squabbling with children, elders and associates in general as it could intensity your emotional burden. It is a time for you to work hard towards developing an intelligence which makes you happy. Charitable causes will keep you directed and focused.


For the Virgo Lagna, it is the time when Saturn and Ketu transit the 4th House. This time may see you having a cut off period from home and travelling on account of work. It is also a time when you could feel the need to help the poor and the downtrodden, especially old ladies. For the students who feel at ends can consider an alternate profession and learn a subject different from their usual course. This will help them in the long run.


For the Libra Lagna, as Ketu and Saturn transit the 3rd House for you, it is the time for you to take selective and decisive actions as regards the battles you want to win and the battles you want to participate in. It is the time when your intuitive powers will be on the rise and your ability to harness them will come through meditation and silence. Your ability to act rather than react will go a long way in developing your foresightedness. You could also find the need to change your residence.


For the Scorpio Lagna, Saturn and Ketu transit through your 2nd House. It gives you the ability to be very straight forward, honest and truthful in your speech and also your deeds. This may lead to some frictions with family members so you are cautioned to not to be too harsh when you need to communicate. For students, it is advised that you take up serious hard work because that is the only way it would convert into luck and something worthwhile. It is also the time when you would feel a strong desire to earn only through means fair and square and would then be looking for a better platform, especially once Jupiter enters Sagittarius.


For the Sagittarius Lagna, the 2nd Lord and the Ketu transit the Lagna. This is the time when you will be dedicated to inner learning of yourself. It could also help you to understand a few important aspects of your life and can bring about a need in you understand the higher operating powers of the Universe. You could also undergo expenses on account of partners. This is a good time for you to observe silence to understand the powers within you.


For the Capricorn Lagna, the Lagna Lord and Ketu are placed in the 12th House of expenses and ashrams. It is also the house of letting go. As the Lagna Lord also represents time and Ketu represents blankness, it is an optimum period for you to go into a period of silence from time to time for rejuvenation. This will help to tide periods of irritation and tension.


For the Aquarius Lagna, the Lagna Lord and Ketu are posited in the 11th House. It is a period of redirecting your life towards finding the company of like-minded and spiritually affluent. You are likely to find prosperity in working with a different set of people. During this phase, you may find the need to maintain your calm and silence. You may feel the comparative loss of some income during period but it will be fulfilling for your future.


For the Pisces Lagna, the 12th and the 11th Lord is in the 10th House with Ketu. It is the time when you would be spending to earn your income. It is a time when your work needs to turn into an ethical direction where it would help you move to direct not just your profession but also your Karma towards its fulfilment. It is the time when you learn to take a step back when there is a lot of pressure in your work front. A step back gives you a pause and allows you take the whole view of the situation. It helps you to do a dedicated and focused job.


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