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12, Nov 2018 Blog


Jupiter in Anuradha 2nd Pada from 12th November to 26th November

Anuradha means the one younger to Radha. It also means happiness and the subsequent success. Being ruled by Mitra it brings in much friendliness and a lot of help as it literally translates into a friend.

The second part of Anuradha is a pushkar navamsha which denotes growth and movement as time progresses. By the navamsha rules, it is placed in Virgo and it shows growth and bears fruit with dedicated effort and service. As Virgo is a sign of service and wealth, Jupiter in this navamsha progresses and prosperous as it signifies both knowledge and wealth. The Lord of this navamsha is Mercury and currently is placed in its own nakshatra (Jyestha) along with Jupiter in Scorpio. So, Mercury is also in a very powerful position thereby dignifying the placement of this Jupiter for this whole week.


This is a great week to do service to others and grow spiritually. For those working in the service industry will gain reputation and wealth by being dedicated to their work. Meditation will help you find answers to a lot of your questions.


It is time to show some dedicated efforts towards the education of your children. If you are a student, please take up learning and education seriously because it is a very good time to increase your intelligence level. Try working during mid afternoon for good results.


This is a good time to pay attention to your health and family. Doing service to family and mother in particular is likely reap good benefits for you. It is a time when you will be able to prove your mettle at your place of work and home.


It is time to be magnanimous towards your siblings. To get things moving for yourself, you need to work and keep giving positive suggestions to your subconscious mind. Practicing your mantras on a regular basis will help you keep the tide of luck in your favour.


A good time to work with people in your family to bring about an increase in your wealth. Looking into the happiness quotient of your family members and spending sometime with them will give you a better mind frame and this may also enhance the productivity in your workplace.


For Virgo Lagna, there may be change in work and home. There is likely to be a change coming your way in terms of change of home or shifting due to work. Giving due time to your spouse and creating a public image will help you in the long run.


For the Libra Lagna this is a great time for travel, especially work-related travel. Paying attention to details regarding money and wealth will help you. It is time to take care of your health to ensure a smooth month ahead. Let go of any unnecessary squabbles at your workplace to maintain your peace of mind.


Jupiter in the Lagna ensures success and prosperity in any work that you do. It would be a great time for you to spend with children. For students, studying diligently for the next month will reap great benefits later. This week should bring some happy news and an increase in your name and fame.


Lagna Lord in the 12th House indicates work related travels maybe on the cards. Meditation and listening to transcendental music can be therapeutic. Home and work both are likely to prosper. It is a good time to do charity as it would enhance your spiritual quotient.


Making a dedicated effort to start a new work or to bring about a change in your relationship with your siblings will go a long way in creating harmony in your life. Instead of imposing certain values judgements in your relationship, it is time to give others an ear to their side of the story. It will help you garner the social standing and security that you are looking for.


This is a good time to maintain that equilibrium and peace at home and work. Without creating much ado, if you keep you head low and consistently work, you are likely to gain a lot of mileage and prove your supremacy. Some good news from the home front can also be expected.


This is one of the best periods of life when everything will seem to work like a dream. There are likely to be functions in your family in the next 21 days and a lot of celebrations around. Work and social activities will be at its heights. You will receive social acknowledgement and feel accomplished at all levels.

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