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Past Life Analysis -Step The New Year With A New Spirit

04, Jan 2019 Blog

Past Life Analysis -Step The New Year With A New Spirit

The year 2018 ended gracefully. This yearly journey has taught us several lessons, some in an easy way, while few in a hard way. The lessons we learn from our mistakes from the past is what makes us the person we are today. It is true to every bit. Unless these connections are from the time beyond this lifetime. Let us understand the secret of past lives a little and the need for you to address it for once and for all.

Vedic astrology acknowledges past lives as it believes the soul is indestructible. It simply resides in a body in one lifetime and then moves on. This cycle repeats until, our soul enriches itself to its fullest, from each lifetime we live in, the kind of life we lead, the choices we make, and the lesson we learn. This transition often leaves an imprint from switching from one life to the next or subsequent ones.


These impressions affect people in several degrees. For some people, it almost never surfaces, while for most people, this occurs once in a blue moon and causes no difficulty. However, some people are greatly affected by it. As a result, it does not allow them to live them explore the current one to its fullest, giving a sensation that somewhere, something is unfinished. For those who understand very little about it, it is somewhat similar to getting a reminder alarm in your phone unexpected, but only with no clue as to why. It is annoying and frustrating.

As we are about to start afresh with a new year, don’t carry on the burdens of your past life. Resolve it for good and welcome the new year with full enthusiasm and spirit. You can either ignore it completely, which works for only a small time unless it starts to bother again, or you can address it head-on. In Vedic astrology, we call it past life analysis. It includes consultation session that helps you understand it clearly and come up with a solution. However, it requires Vedic astrologer who is proficient in the same.

I offer past life analysis consultation to people to help them resolve the ties that they are carrying forward from a prolonged past. In case, you too want to have afresh started, make this new year the perfect time for it.

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