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How to Choose Baby Name? Naming your Child | Enhancing their Destiny

25, Jun 2020 Blog

How to Choose Baby Name? Naming your Child | Enhancing their Destiny

How to Choose Baby Name: In Indian culture, the naming of the child is a big event. Giving the child proper baby child names is very important because the name is one thing that remains with us throughout our lives and has an ability to make life prosperous or otherwise in the long run. While naming the child, the parents need to be aware of certain Muhurta principles and certain principles of naming.

As far as Muhurta Principles are concerned,

The proper day of the ceremony would be the 10th, 12th, or 16th day after the birth of the child. In case this is not possible, an auspicious day must be fixed for this purpose.

The nakshatras which are suitable for naming a child are as follows

Anuradha, Punarvasu, Magha, UttaraPhalguni, Uttaraashada, Uttarabhadra, Satabhisha, Swati, Dhanistha, Shravana, Rohini, Ashwini, Mrigashira, Revati, Hasta, and Pushya.

The 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 12th, 14th lunar days and Full Moon and New Moon days should be avoided.

Of the days, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are good. The rest are not suitable for this purpose.

For people who can get the timing for the naming of their children done, certain muhurta parameters can and should be followed.

An important thing to remember is that girls should be named such that their names contain odd numbers of letters ( Radha, Parvati) and boys’ names should have even numbers ( Krishna, Rama, Hari ).

Now, every Nakshatra has a list of vowels for its four padas.

#NamePada 1Pada 2Pada 3Pada 4
1Aśvini (अश्विनि)चु Chuचे Cheचो Choला La
2Bharaṇī (भरणी)ली Liलू Luले Leलो Lo
3Kṛttikā (कृत्तिका)अ Aई Iउ Uए E
4Rohiṇī (रोहिणी)ओ Oवा Va/Baवी Vi/Biवु Vu/Bu
5Mṛgaśīrṣā(म्रृगशीर्षा)वे Ve/Beवो Vo/Boका Kaकी Ke
6Ārdrā (आर्द्रा)कु Kuघ Ghaङ Ng/Naछ Chha
7Punarvasu (पुनर्वसु)के Keको Koहा Haही Hi
8Puṣya (पुष्य)हु Huहे Heहो Hoड Da
9Āśleṣā (आश्लेषा)डी Diडू Duडे Deडो Do
10Maghā (मघा)मा Maमी Miमू Muमे Me
11Pūrva or Pūrva Phālgunī (पूर्व फाल्गुनी)नो Moटा Taटी Tiटू Tu
12Uttara or Uttara Phālgunī (उत्तर फाल्गुनी)टे Teटो Toपा Paपी Pi
13Hasta (हस्त)पू Puष Shaण Naठ Tha
14Chitrā (चित्रा)पे Peपो Poरा Raरी Ri
15Svāti (स्वाति)रू Ruरे Reरो Roता Ta
16Viśākhā (विशाखा)ती Tiतू Tuते Teतो To
17Anurādhā (अनुराधा)ना Naनी Niनू Nuने Ne
18Jyeṣṭhā (ज्येष्ठा)नो Noया Yaयी Yiयू Yu
19Mūla (मूल)ये Yeयो Yoभा Bhaभी Bhi
20Pūrva Aṣāḍhā (पूर्वाषाढ़ा)भू Bhuधा Dhaफा Bha/Phaढा Dha
21Uttara Aṣāḍhā (उत्तराषाढ़ा)भे Bheभो Bhoजा Jaजी Ji
22Śrāvaṇa (श्रावण)खी Ju/Khiखू Je/Khuखे Jo/Kheखो Gha/Kho
23Śrāviṣṭhā (श्रविष्ठा) or Dhaniṣṭhā (धनिष्ठा)गा Gaगी Giगु Guगे Ge
24Śatabhiṣā (शतभिषा)or Śatatarakaगो Goसा Saसी Siसू Su
25Pūrva Bhādrapadā (पूर्वभाद्रपदा)से Seसो Soदा Daदी Di
26Uttara Bhādrapadā (उत्तरभाद्रपदा)दू Duथ Thaझ Jhaञ Da/Tra
27Revati (रेवती)दे Deदो Doच Chaची Chi


It is advisable that we name the child along with those alphabets. This would be beneficial for the child. When we name the child with some other letter apart from what he or she should be astrologically named, then such a child, as he or she grows up faces multitude problems as Saturn affects the child twice as many times in his or her life – once when transiting over Moon and once when transiting over the pada of the name nakshatra – hence creating unnecessary issues for the child.

The best way to name the child would be to know the Nakshatra and its pada in which a person’s child is born. Then take the 9th Nakshatra from it. For example, if a child is born in the 3rd Pada of Hasta, then we should check the syllable of the 9th Nakshatra that is Uttaraashada, and name the child with a name beginning with Ja – Jai, Jay, Janvi, Jaden, Jane, etc. This ensures that the child remains happy and protected for a long.


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