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23, Mar 2018 Blog


Conjunctions Conjunction are the placement of two or more planets together in a sign.

Before moving on to conjunction, individually as per classics, Moon and Venus represent a number of things and people as stated below-

As per Phaldeepika, Moon represents welfare of mother, inner contentment, bathing in the sea, white flag of white material and white fan used to fan the gods or kings, umbrella, beautiful  and Royal Insignia, fruits, flowers, soft material, agriculture, grains, same, Pearl, silver, metal out of which Bells Are Made, milk, sweet materials, clothes, water, gain of women, intake of food with happiness, looks and beauty, all these things should be judged from the Moon. Moon also represents the worshipper of shastha, woman, washer man, farmer, animals residing in water, rabbit, dear, cranes and chakor.

As per Phaldeepika, Venus represents prosperity, vehicles, clothes, ornaments, treasure or wealth secreted under the earth, inclination and attainment in dancing, music, instrumental music, fragrance, flowers, satisfaction and relationship of that of spouses, bed pleasures, and business related to above things, richness, contentment, poetry, enjoyment, position as a minister, softness, marriage and other religious deeds, celebrations. Venus is also the significance of a wife in husband’s chart. Venus also represent persons engaged in singing or singers, wealthy people, business community, lustful people. Weavers, prostitutes, peacock house, buffalo, parrot and gymnasts.

Taking what the classics have to say for the combination of these two planets-

Saravali-Should Moon and Venus be together, then the person will be endowed with flowers, incense and clothes, will perform duties dear to his race (traditional), be very lazy and expert in buying and selling.

If the Moon and Venus are together, the native is clever in the purchase and sale of cloth. He may be generally clever in trade and merchandise, but he is also likely to be evil minded. He puts on fine apparels and will be fond of scents and flowers. He’s liked by his people and clever in the execution of his work but he is indolent.

As per Hora Sara, if the combination occurs in the 12th house there is gain of money from foreign lands.

As per Jataka Parijata, when Moon is conjunct Venus, the person will be evil minded but and clever in making bargains.

If the combination is in the 1st house, the native is fond of fine apparels, scents and flowers. He has a pleasing personality and is a favourite of the seniors. He derives much pleasure from the company of dancing girls.

EXAMPLE – SILVIA, QUEEN OF SWEDEN – Venus Moon in Ascendant


German-Swedish royalty, the daughter of an industrialist father and Spanish nobility mother. She worked as a translator at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

A gracious and elegant woman, Sylvia married King Carl Gustave of Sweden in 1976; he was crowned King in 1973. They had a son and two daughters. Queen Silvia of Sweden is the spouse of King Carl XVI Gustaf and mother of the heir apparent to the throne, Crown Princess Victoria. In 2011, Silvia became the longest-serving queen of Sweden, a record previously held by Sophia of Nassau.


In the Lagna, this combination gave her a lot of popularity and love. Being in the sign of Libra, it gave her the ability to be a good administrator and hold good place in the heart of her peers and the common man alike. The sign of Libra gave her the ability to work with others and Moon as the 10th Lord gave her the ability to be focused on her work as the Queen of Sweden.


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