#MeToo Movement – How is it Related to the Astrological Transits?


Vedic Astrology

As the Sun moves into the sign of Libra in the 3rd Pada of the Nakshatra of Chitra, which means “a pretty picture”, which in reality is not such a pretty picture, as Venus is retrograde in its own sign and in conjunction with Mercury. Let us check out the astrological connections! Mercury is the natural 3rd Lord of courage, speech and initiatives, the 6th Lord of scandals, allegations, and lawsuits. In the natural scheme of things, Venus is the Karaka for giving, beauty, art, and creativity. As a ruler of the 2nd and the 7th house it governance money, wealth, profession, public persona, relationships and a sense of balance. When retrograde, the balance is tossed out of the window and it becomes more prone to taking judgments with relationships oftentimes seeing the door. Past relationships can come back to haunt us with a vengeance. Sun is the 5th Lord of romance, creativity and celebrity status.

All of this takes place in Libra, the sign of balance, equality, and relationship. Had Venus been direct, the outcome would have been altogether very different and beautiful. Here retrograde Venus will take the forced romance to court because it has the courage to do so and has got pending Karma to settle. The Sun in its sign of debilitation is into getting its ego bashed by the retrograde Venus, a strong lady posited and in charge of our own house. This definitely puts Venus in advantage.

The “Me Too” movement, which has caught up like a bushfire in the United States and now showing its face in India, is shown by this transit. All relationships, which were out of balance, are now forced to have a great showdown in the making. It is surely the time for it. It is the correct time to get the “ugly picture” of Chitra out on to the public platform. Venus retrograde in its attributes suggests and talks about sexual abuse on the public platform. The Sun, an authoritative person, and the expansion of the ego in its lower octave has to bear the brunt of its action in the sign of justice with the lawyer Mercury ahead of it. With retrograde Venus in Swati, the young saplings are fighting a very long drawn, yet determined to battle, to see and to get the scales of justice on to their sides.

However, is it only the film or the creative industry, which is affected by it all and should be the only one to call the shots? Well, 5th house is not just celebrity in the movie industry. It calls for celebrities in all areas of life, be it academics, workplace, or even our safe havens, called home. Therefore, we can see it operating at large scales and on all levels. Many women would be coming out and after finding the courage deciding to speak up. If not for themselves then for the young ones who fall prey to such people. It is also a call on those predators to bring about a change in them.

Astrology is all about Karma – Karma that has to be paid now or in future. It is a matter of time when the future too becomes present tense and Karma has a funny way of catching up. When it does there is no respite.

A question that would come into the minds of many is that Venus, Sun and Mercury transit the sign of Libra for one month every year. Does such a showdown happen every year? Well, let’s take a look at the other parameters too. Saturn, the Lord of the 10th House of profession is placed in the 9th house of judgment and in Moola Nakshatra. With this, the Karma Lord Saturn gets down to dig that dirt right from the grass root levels and deliver justice. Ketu in the 10th house with exalted Mars give the energy for the deliverance of Karmic retribution with a vigor and vengeance. Jupiter, the 9th Lord of judgment and 12th Lord of prisons find itself posited in the sign of Scorpio dealing with scandals and sex. Aspecting the 12th house of prison, it calls and asks to take those predators to justice. Rahu in Pushya talks about deceit and cheating by preceptors and people in the position of authority.

Wherever the movement takes us, may Venus get her share of justice and may the false egos be burnt to ashes. In this season of Navaratri where the feminine power is on a high tide may Goddess Durga leave behind a legacy for the feminine power to kill those Mahishasura who thought it was easy and justified to dominate, manhandle and misbehave with women. A happy Navaratri and a justified Suryasankraman to all.


Vedic Astrology

As on 5th October 2017, when the whistle blew on Weinstein, the planetary combinations still supported the ongoings.

Sun moving towards debilitation with an exalted Mercury – lawyer right behind it. Venus in its own Nakshatra of PurvaPhalguni in 5th House of Natural Zodiac with Mars in close conjunction within a degree. This definitely calls for a sexual behavior.

Movies, as signified by Chitra Nakshatra, hosts the planet of Jurisdiction – Jupiter.

Rahu is in Ashlesha, the snake ready with its hood open for assault. Saturn is in Jyestha – The powerful Lord. However, very close to the Gandanta so will deliver justice on his way out of the sign.

Ketu in Dhanishta cuts the power of the high and the mighty.

Vedic Astrology

Watch the video to learn about the aspects in more details.

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