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Medical Astrology: How To Predict Health?

27, May 2019 Blog

Medical Astrology: How To Predict Health?

Medical Astrology: Illness and health go side by side. No matter how careful we are, diseases do occur from time to time. Sometimes certain conditions happen in the form of accidents, but most of them occur due to not making enough conscious effort towards our health. For instance, if someone is suffering from chronic liver disease and he still partakes alcohol every now and then, how will he ever get redemption from the liver disease?

Maybe, he never will. However, there is always a chance that he can prevent or be aware of the possible liver disease beforehand. Yes, according to Vedic Astrologers India, medical astrology can help to predict your health and save you from unwanted illness! How? Let’s Find out.

Vedic astrologers believe that illness is the unfortunate result of karma and every illness slows down our life and the possibility to lead a better life. Medical astrology is the key to predict health and overall life. Today, I am trying to explain medical astrology in brief. But first, you need to know about the horoscope houses, which belong to health.

1st House (The Ascendant):

1st house is the most important house in the horoscope. The first house reflects the whole body, mind, self, fitness, and life. Before predicting, you should check the ascendant sign and the lord of the sign. One needs to see where the ascendant is located in the horoscope. You must also check the Ascendant Zodiac sign, if the Ascendant lord is weak, then it will be the indication of a person’s poor health. The presence of Rahu, Ketu, or Saturn in the ascendant, can also indicate poor health and bad results.

6th House:

The 6th house is known as a dushtana or a malefic house in the horoscope. It is also indicated loans, bad debts, and illness. If someone’s 6th house is weak and without malefic planets (Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn) influence, it could be a good sign of health.

8th House:

In short, the 8th house represents the age and life in a person’s birth chart. For a good and better life, the 8th house must not be under the malefic influence.

The Moon Ascendant:

The moon represents emotions and intuitions. Moon ascendant is predicted by seeing where the Moon is located in the sign and the house. Remember, the Moon and benefic planets indicate a good health condition.

The Nakshatra of the Lagna and the Lagna Lord – If the Nakshatra planet of the Ascendant and the Ascendant lord is a benefic and well placed, it indicates good health and vice versa.

Medical astrology is a very interesting part of astrology. If you have an interest in it, then you can easily learn how it works. I’m starting a new course on medical astrology from 23rd June, visit my page for the course details

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