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Mars Transits To Leo

09, Aug 2019 Blog

Mars Transits To Leo

                                                         SARAVALI CHAPTER 4 SLOKA – 35

                                                                                      लग्ने जीव बूधौ दिवाकर कुजौ व्योम्नि स्मरे भास्करि

                                                                                       र्बन्धाविन्दुसितौ दिशाकृतमिदं स्वौच्चे स्वकोणे स्वभे ।

                                                                                        मित्र स्वांशकसंस्थितः शुभफलैदृष्टो बलीयान् ग्रहः

                                                                                      स्त्रीक्षेत्रे शशिभार्गवौ नरगृहे शेषा बले स्थानजे ।। 35।।

If a planet is an exaltation, moolatrikona, own house, friendly house your own Navamsha and aspected by benefic, it assumes strength. The Moon and Venus are strong in even rashis by rest are so in odd Rashis. This is called positional strength.

When Mars transits into the sign of Leo, it is placed in a house of friend, the Sun and it in an odd Rasi. This renders the planet to be strong.


For the Aries Lagna, the Lagna Lord transits into the 5th House of Purvapunya. As the 8th Lord, it transits in the 10th House from itself. It a time when there is a need to restructure your business and use your talents and resources to grow as the 5th House is also about talents and opportunities. There is a time when this Mars will be combust due to the close proximity of Sun. However, this combustion will only help one work harder and realise that in the long run, this hard work will pay. Children will be a source of joy and also a challenge which will keep the equation exciting.



For the Taurus Lagna, the 7th Lord and the 12th  transits into the 4th House. This time shows a focus and a need to pay attention to your family and home. Issues regarding security and trust make take good time for you. It is also the time when your mother may help you out with certain methodology. You may also feel the need to work on your partnerships and learn to feel secure about it or learn to work in a way that it will make you secure.



As the 11th Lord and the 6th Lord moves into the 3rd House of efforts, hard work, courage and oratorship, it is the house for which Mars is a Karaka. So, it is time to put your words into action and get that fire in you to work for you. It is also the time when you can take an active decision for working on your health and job aspects. There may be times when you feel bogged down due to working on all fronts and feel to need to fall back on old habits. However, you need to hold on. This is just a feeling which will pass off soon.



For the Cancer Lagna, the Yogakaraka moves in the 2nd House of wealth and finance and family. The 10th Lord in the 2nd House gives a great opportunity to build up a potential for your work and to create something worthwhile for your children as Jupiter, the Karaka of children is in your 5th House. It is also the time when you would striking luck and just meeting the right kind of people to work with. However, go not get too comfortable and don’t overwork yourself because you may get burned.



Again, as the Yogakaraka transits to the Lagna, For the Leo Lagna, a person is likely to feel at the top of the world and extremely energetic. More so after the Yogakaraka debilitation in the 12th House where one felt lethargic all the time. It is the time to go all out and conquer the world but do not let yourself be over zealous in the process as when Sun moves into Leo, the heat of the combustion will be felt for a period of 15 days. It is the time when your mother can do with your love and care and attention. A change in you where learn how to channelise your energies can be observed and if you are not at it, it is a great time to begin because a lot many planet are willing to help you with it.


For the Virgo Lagna, the 3rd Lord and the 8th Lord move into the 12th House which creates a Vipreet Raj Yoga of sorts. This is a conducive phase to work out your Karmic debts and let go of issues, specially feuds and litigations. You may feel a lot of pressure for a time being and there may be a lot of work to handle but remember that with Mars as your 3rd Lord, you are all capable to handle it all. It is also the time when you will need to pay special attention to the way you handle the funds with your spouse/ of your spouse or from your spouse. Be careful of what you speak and keep a check on your temper.


For the Libra Lagna, the 2nd Lord and the 7th Lord moves into the House of income, the 11th House. This heralds a good time for income and public platform as the houses of income and partnerships are all connected in this transit. It is also the time when one would be required to pay attention to family members and be actively a part of their lives, especially those of spouse and child. It is important for a person to maintain their cool in their personal lives, specially when Mars goes combust. Let the partners think that they have their way with you because you do know that it is your way, all the way.



For the Scorpio Lagna, the Lagna Lord goes in the 10th from itself which gives Mars a digbali status making the Lagna very strong. When the Sun also joins Mars in the 10th House in a few days, though Mars would be combust for a certain period but it will be good for you as it will help you work harder and realise a lot of your dreams. It will also help you get a one up over your enemies. It is time now to be focused on work and also to pay close attention to your health. Your work will shine for all to see.



For the Sagittarius Lagna, the 5th Lord transits the 9th House and would soon be conjoined the 9th Lord, albeit in a combust state. Your luck is running in your favour. What more, your children are doing well too and you are getting all the required help from the Divine Province. It is now the time for you to get a lot of work under action as your Lagna Lord also moves direct. It is a time to pay attention to elders and take their advice as it would be of a great help for you in future. Your crisis management abilities would be at its best for the time being.



For the Capricorn Lagna, the 4th Lord and the 11th Lord moves transits the 8th House. It is the time to pay careful attention to the happenings at home. You may feel a sudden fluctuation in your income so it is the time to pay attention on methods of saving. It is also the time when spouse and child may need your attention. Family life and professional life both may need your attention and you will learn to adjust to it after some turmoil.


For the Aquarius Lagna, the 3rd Lord and the 10th Lord transits the 7th House. Your good work and your ability to handle difficult situations with courage will be called for and tested for some time. It is also the time when you will feel pulled in all directions due to the combustion effect. But, with Mars as your 3rd Lord, you are perfectly capable of meeting such demand and it will do you good to remember it. Avoid bossy and acrimonious behaviour and you will do good.


For the Pisces Lagna, 2nd and 9th Lord moves into the 6th House soon to be followed by the 6th Lord. So, it is the time for dedicated service to elders and Gurus to garner their blessings for the times ahead. It is also the time when your intellect helps you to make use of your situation and make good money. Be kind to people in your employee, especially young men who are in apprentices with you. If you plan to sit in any competitive exams during this period, you will be able to do good.

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