Saturn Mars conjunct in Sagittarius 2018

The Deity of Mula Nakshatra is Nirrti. She is the Goddess of destruction. One of the symbols of Mula is the roots and the of Trimurti principles working for this Nakshatra is Brahma who is creativity personified. Here most of us are likely to find a lot of paradox in the above sentences. However, it can be well explained by a very simple yet profound truth. A seed when planted starts to sprouts roots and to grow into a sapling. This is nature’s creation at its best. However, if we look down to find that seed after a few days or weeks for that matter, all we would see is conjunction of roots and a small shoot trying to make its way into the world at that point. The seed had much earlier dissolved to give way to the plant.

The Nakshatra Mula functions in a similar manner. Nirrti brings about the destruction of the seed whereas Brahma sets about creating a new plant. This happens in tandem. Mula is a Nakshatra which aids the processes of the universe to continue seamlessly and without fail. Any fear or fallacy associated with this Nakshatra is due to wrong notions about it.

Because of strong resistances from our end, sometimes we face major challenges as the planets posited in the Nakshatra or transiting this Nakshatra have to induce destruction and subsequent revival or creation in our lives. To bring about this change, if it does not find an alternative, it subjects the person to pressure which on the long run this is happening all for a good cause and is likely to put the person onto a newer level altogether.

Saturn is already in Mula Nakshatra and initiating changes on many levels and now with Mars joining this planet of change brings in a lot of interesting changes that are likely to affect our lives in the next 2 months to come.

Saturn is a planet of administration. It is a cool and composed planet with airy disposition. Saturn is also called Manda the slow one so Saturn in all its activities gives effects slowly and over a long period of time. As we experience this, we realise in awareness that Saturn does so to allow things to fall in place and become more and more streamlined.

Mars, on the other hand, is an aggressive planet, a fiery planet which is energy personified. Mars gives results very quickly and impatience is another of the characteristics of this planet on the go. It gives a technical association also and when associated with Saturn it is doubly confirmed.

How do we Reconcile both the planets when Saturn and Mars conjunct?

When Saturn and Mars conjunct, there is a tussle over the steady approach of Saturn to that of headlong of Mars. A tussle to first work a plan out, see all corners of the exercise and then move into the situation over a direct upfront situation working on things as they come and of an on the go attitude of Mars.

This tussle that tears the native is because of the contradictory emotions. However, if we step back for a while and watch the happenings unfold with an open mind, we will understand that at the end of the day each planet is working out for the betterment of the person concerned and this remembrance will take us a long way. The Saturn and Mars energy when properly harnessed gives a technical aptitude not to mention a huge bent towards sports and athletics with a disciplined approach. It gives one the spirit of performance with proper jurisdiction and planning. When energy applied to a task is properly planned and executed the plan has an exceptional outcome.

So, let’s move on to the effect that can be seen of this Saturn and Mars combining in Sagittarius for all the 12 signs.

Sagittarius Lagna –

For Sagittarius Lagna, Mars is the 12th lord and the 5th lord with Saturn being the 3rd and 2nd Lord. It could give Travels related to family matters and setting up new means of earning and wealth creating ventures. It could also make a person take strategic decisions about the love life and the way to proceed further in it. New friendships may be formed and partying with vigour can be seen on the cards. A move towards spiritual awareness can be experienced by those who can activate that subconscious mind.

Capricorn Lagna –

For Capricorn Lagna, Saturn is the Lagna lord and 2nd lord with Mars being the 4th and 11th Lord. Mars is also the maraka for this Lagna. New ventures which was started with haste, find a little difficulty in completion for the lack of funds. The movement of Mars over Saturn in Sagittarius may require you to reinvent yourself on both professional and personal fronts. It is time to break old habit patterns and make new healthier ones. Family members may also help in setting the benchmark and the mother and spouse can act as regulators (Depending on age time and place) Friendship with like-minded people can provide an emotional and intellectual security. For those into education, a new stream of branch can catch your eye and interest and you will be proposed in that direction.

Aquarius Lagna –

For the Aquarius Lagna, Saturn becomes the Lagna lord and 12th lord with Mars being The Lord of the 3rd and 10th. Air travels for new ventures in business and job can be seen. Gains from an entirely new direction should be planned as it is a very strong possibility. Power, recognition and authority is very much on the cards and energy expanded in that direction will reap benefits. For those moving into new areas of work and education please take the blessings of elders to succeed well in life.

Pisces Lagna –

For Pisces Lagna, Mars becomes the 2nd and 9th lord and Saturn the 11th and 12th Lord. Chances of being helped by preceptor of Guru during this period is very likely. In fact, the Guru is likely to induce enthusiasm and spirit of energy in you. Career blossoms in a direction you could never have thought before. A meditative approach to life can trigger many desirable situations- even in material life. Family life will be heightened and everything can appear smooth and running Like a clockwork in that direction. Students will definitely be attracted towards certain aspects of knowledge which can change their course of career in future. In spite of new ventures, marital life will appear peaceful and well established for the married couples.

Aries Lagna –

For Aries, Mars is the Lagna lord and 8th lord by Saturn is the 10th and 11th lord. With a strong approach towards work and with guided blessings of elders, the person concerned can take great decisions which will cement the career paths. This is the time to show courage and initiative approach albeit, well planned. When properly executed this will give a new dimension to your career and status not to mention gains. Married life will also have some stability and there is a strong need to indulge the in-laws. Family of spouse may look up to you on certain matters. When feeling lost on the way ahead try meditating on the subject and letting it go for some time.

Taurus Lagna –

For Taurus, Saturn is the Yogakaraka- the Lord of the 9th and 10th and Mars is the 12th and the 7th Lord. In the 8th house this conjunction is likely to bring some changes along with absolute new profile as respect to jobs. Change in marital status is also likely. For people planning marriage this is a good time. It is a time to show more interest in your marriage and get it onto a new platform. For those who want to start a family, they would benefit from the same. A new bond with in-laws is in the offing. It is a herald for a new kind of relationship. Meditation is highly recommended to soothe nerves. One can also go ahead and take up martial arts as an energy booster.

Gemini Lagna –

For Gemini Lagna, Mars is the 6th and the 11th Lord and Saturn is the 8th and 9th Lord. This is the time when being hot headed and reckless can lead to confrontations and unnecessary litigations. One needs to be more vigilant and not give into scuffles with employees or spouse’s family. Changes in marital life can also be seen. It is advisable to maintain equilibrium and not react a bit too spontaneously. Lending money to people or borrowing from them should be done with the caution as it can take a toll on friendships. Being an Airy sign, Gemini Lagna people are advised to do Pranayama to maintain a semblance of sanity.

Cancer Lagna –


For Cancer Lagna, Mars being the ruler of the 5th and 10th House, it becomes the Yogakaraka. Saturn is the ruler of the 7th and 8th house. Education of children is likely to have an impact in life. Foreign travel is very much indicated. Avoid confrontation with spouse and employees too. It is most likely that a new venture that you have been planning for some time may take off. It is especially so if the venture relates to the Technology Industry. Anything with new beginnings should be looked at positively though they may not be as you had thought of. There will be slightly tough moments but in a few months’ time you will be set on your part. It is advisable that you take a good look at your eating habits and take care of your health to avoid health issues specially relating to the stomach.

Leo Lagna –

For the Leo Lagna, Saturn is the Lord of the 6th and 7th house and Mars the lord in the 4th and the 9th house thus becoming a Yogakaraka. A Movement in life of children can be seen and for those willing to start a family this is an appropriate time. Children are likely to show new inclinations. There are chances of using your knowledge in a new area of life. Learning new traditional approach also brings a new direction in life. For those initiated into mantras, practice them well as it will take you to a higher level in life and make you more peaceful. The whole family is likely to participate in a cultural and heritage activity which would be rewarding. New contacts formed can be beneficial in the long.

Virgo Lagna –

For Virgo Lagna, Saturn is the 5th and 6th lord and Mars is the Lord of the 3rd and 8th houses. Activities in the lives of people around you especially family members including siblings, cousins and children are in the offing. Health issues maybe faced especially if you have been neglecting your health. You could show and sudden interest towards religious and spiritual activities which could lead you to a different level of internal satisfaction in all the hustle-bustle that is going around you. For those who have been struggling with litigation new understanding with siblings related to ancestral properties maybe seen. Children can start new ventures which can be profitable for them and they can help you and assist you in doing the same.

Libra Lagna –

For the Libra Lagna, Mars is the Lord of the 2nd and the 7th Houses and Saturn is the Yogakaraka after being the Lord of the 4th and 5th houses. For Libra Lagna the next two months is one of the most blossoming periods of this year. Opportunities regarding family, love and marriage are knocking on your door. For those wanting to get into matrimony this is a beautiful phase and many of you may find love in the horizon during this period. Children or the thought of them will bring happiness. People interested in family planning will find it easy time to conceive. Also, there is travel in the offing, especially related to religious places and short journeys. Be supportive of your mother and take a blessing for this is the right time for it to blossom. It is a great time for shifting homes and finding a better living environment. For those who want to new home get ready to buy one as this period is very conducive. In general, it is a very effective and beautiful period.

Scorpio Lagna –

For Scorpio Lagna, Mars is the Lagna lord and 6th lord where as Saturn takes the lordship of 3rd and 4th houses. New members may become part of the family or you may join an institution or become a part of an organisation that will help you find a strong change or transformation in life in the coming times. Litigation which were pending and seeming to be unresolved will be working themselves out. Travels and movements away from home can also be seen. Change of vehicle or purchase of a new home is likely. Windfalls in form of inheritance or unresolved litigations are likely to find their way in your life. A word of caution – take care of your blood pressure and now. Don’t stress yourself out and find some time for rejuvenation.

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