Krishna And Arjuna – Mahabharat Through The Nakshatras

Krishna Had His Moon In Rohini

Chandravanshi Shree Krishna was born in the star of Rohini and his Lagna is also in Rohini Nakshatra as per the Mahabharata. This is a fixed star and it shows a fixed nature. It is also a star with the Rohana Shakti, that is things or people with important planets in this star have the ability to make things grow and create them. Lord Krishna is said to bring about the creation of a new society where the old and obsolete rules that had been prevalent in the society were discarded and done with. Old orders which refused to let go were forcefully broken – like Indra Dev Puja in the regions of Mathura replaced by Govardhana Puja which continues till date. The security to women that he offered was unheard of till he set about paying his regards to the letter of Rukmini and setting the bar that women could not be abducted or given to other kings in marriage for political reasons. He stated with his words and deeds that women should have the right to choose their life partners and he supported his sister Uttara in her marriage to Arjuna in this process. His mind set showed a calmness and a fixed attitude towards what was right as Rohini is a Dhruva Nakshatra, that is a fixed Nakshatra. The symbol of Chariot plays immense role in the life of Shree Krishna. His abduction of Rukmini, his strategically teaching his sister to abduct Arjuna and his being THE WAR WINNING CHARIOTEER for Arjuna all so much revolve around the chariot.

Arjuna Had His Moon In Purva Phalguni

PurvaPhalguni Nakshatra is ruled by Bhaga. The classical texts like the Mahabharat is has numerous mentions of the Nakshatras. In the teachings of Bhishma Pitahmaha to Yudhisthir from the bed of arrows before he let for the heavenly Abodes. He describes various types of donations, especially Nakshatra related – what and how to be given.

Now, Arjuna had his Moon in Purva Phalguni

PurvaPhalguni Nakshatra is ruled by Bhaga. Bhaga, the Deity of PurvaPhalguni, is described as the perception of Divinity as the one who possesses the material prosperity of life, and who ordains the fate and fortune of the people by giving them their apportioned share. It is a Ugra or Fierce Nakshatra, and shows a furious side to Arjuna which helped him win the battle and be a go getter. The Shakti of this Nakshatra is Prajanana Shakti, that is it gives a person the ability of procreation. Arjuna was the Pandavas with maximum number of wives, and let us not forget that he had also won Draupadi’s hand in the Swayamvar. The quirkiest and yet amazing part for this Nakshatra is that it is an Adho Mukhi, Nakshatra one which looks down and and we all know that Arjuna shot at the fish rotating in the ceiling while looking at his reflection down in the water. With the symbol of this Nakshatra being the hammock, Arjuna was known as Gudakesha, the one who is in the light, having conquered sleep and moved on to the fire place (another symbol of this Nakshatra), the area where higher thoughts and the warmth of the light can be experienced.

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