KP Astrology Vs. Vedic Astrology – Know the Difference

Astrology is the science of prediction. With accurate astrological powers, the present, past and future of an individual can be revealed. From birth till death, astrology has the power of unleashing the good and bad aspects of every individual’s life. Numerous Vedic astrology online courses are available to get a basic understanding of celestial body movements. The traditional astrological study that different astrologers majorly use is known as Vedic astrology.

However, apart from that, KP astrology or Krishnamurti Paddhati astrology is considered a contemporary version that is less complicated and easily grabbed by any layman looking forward to learning astrology.

However, knowing the differences will help you understand both processes better. If you’re looking forward to pursuing a career in astrology, knowing the differences will help you decide the branch of Vedic astrology that is easier for you to learn within short notice.

What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology is the oldest form of Indian astrology that depends on the movement of cosmic objects like the sun, moon, stars and planets in an individual’s life. You can trace back the origins of Vedic astrology to the Rig Vedas. Majorly astrologers required the time and date of birth to assess the predictions based on Vedic astrology. This branch of astrology can’t be learnt within a day. This is a complex form of science, and you need to have the insight power to become a good Vedic astrologer.

What is KP Astrology?

KP Astrology, on the contrary, is the modern form of astrology that is technologically an upgraded version. Dr K.S initially discovered it. Krishnamurti and is named after her as KP astrology. As per this astrological branch, the focus is made on assessing the predictions based on stars only. It is currently recognised as the best method of anticipating the happenings of any particular occasion. As per the branch of KP astrology, different kinds of tools are used by the astrologers to make the near accurate prediction. Hence, whatever an astrologer detects using this branch of astrology has a significant effect on whatever will happen shortly.

What are the Differences Between Vedic and KP Astrology?

In simple words, KP astrology is the contemporary version of Vedic Astrology. Here there are fewer rules, and you can expect more accurate results. When you compare both, you’ll find a vast difference between KP and Vedic astrology branches.

In a summarised way these are the following points of difference between both.

  1. As per the KP method, complete importance is given to the stars or nakshatras. However, Vedic astrology takes into account the planets, moon and the sun as well. Thus, the prediction process becomes complex.
  2. The level of accuracy for KP predictions are higher compared to Vedic astrology predictions. KP astrology uses a unique system that helps in detecting the nearest possible prediction.
  3. KP astrology process involves very few rules, and hence you can easily pursue a KP astrology course online and get a hold of the same. Vedic astrology is a more complex branch with a lot of calculations, rules and information to understand.
  4. In Vedic astrology, the distribution of Cusps is done by using the Sripat Paddhati. On the contrary, in KP astrology, the same is done using the Placidus system.
  5. In terms of understandability, KP astrology is an easier branch to study, and you can learn the same and start practising the same success within few months.
  6. The use of ayanamshas is also different in both variants. KP ayanamshas are used in KP astrology instead of the Lahiri ayanamshas that the Vedic astrologers generally use. The difference in results in the usage of these two ayanamshas is within 6 minutes. Thus, the level of accuracy is higher in the case of KP astrology.
  7. The prediction process used in Vedic astrology depends on changes in the houses of an individual. KP astrology compares to the same relies on prediction based on cups. Hence the results you get will be different.

To learn Vedic astrology, you need patience, dedication and curiosity for the subject. However, you can easily learn the facets of KP astrology by enrolling yourself in the online courses offered by renowned astrologer Anuradha Sharda. We offer easy and simple KP astrology courses online in English and Hindi for the convenience of all types of learners.

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