Know How Time Is Going To Be For You Through Tithi Pravesh

Coming across success and failure are part of life, but have you ever experienced that sometimes a certain time period is not just right. No matter how you do things or what you do, it just keeps bringing undesired results for us. In fact, we often come across people saying ‘am going through a bad time phase’, or ‘a couple of years ago, I was having a great time’ or ‘hold on, this is a bad time, it will pass eventually’. Vedic astrology acknowledges the same through the concept of Tithi Pravesh.

Time is the most crucial factor that influences the outcome of most events around us. Celestial bodies influence our time factor for each and every one of us. The tithi Pravesh is a unique analysis in which an expert Vedic astrologer can draw a yearly calendar for individuals. This one-year period does not coincide with the calendar year. It begins from the day the chart was made with the next 356 days.

The calendar highlights several time periods, but the most noteworthy predictions are as follows-

1. Special periods of the Year- The duration/s that are likely to bring some good results for them.

2. Time of Caution- The duration/s which needs you to practice caution, though it always does not imply, if or when there is some bad luck lurking around the corner for you.

3. An important area of life for the year- The duration/s which might bring some event of importance or significance for you.

4. Critical areas of life needing attention- The duration in which you need to look around your own life and the things happenings in it.

It is crucial to remember that this calendar will vary from one individual to another. It depends on the tithi of birth for a person. It is dependent on the Moon and Sun relationship in a chart of a person.

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