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KalSarpa Yog- One of the Most Dreaded Yog- A Fact or A Myth PART 3

23, Feb 2018 Blog

KalSarpa Yog- One of the Most Dreaded Yog- A Fact or A Myth PART 3

Continued from previous post……


Vasuki Kalsarpa yog

This Yog is formed from the 3rd house to the 9th house.

Opposition of the family members, tensions with brothers and sisters, cheating due to friends, feeling unlucky, and sometimes bad luck can be seen.

Problems and obstacles in business can be seen. An atheistic attitude towards the religion can be seen and legal bindings felt.

The person does earn wealth but he will always fall under some scandal. He has to work very hard and struggle to earn name, fame and position in life.

Shankpaal Kalsarpa yog

This Yog is formed when the planets are between 4th to the 10th House.

This affects the business, the job and the education sector of the native.

The native may have to face losses. Problems regarding vehicles and employees can be seen at all times. At times, the native may have to face such losses that the financial conditions could lead to bankruptcy.

Padma Kalsarpa yog


This Yog is created when the planets are situated between the 5th house and the 11th house. This can lead to loss of child or the person can be bereft of children.

The person can have to fight secret diseases. Diseases that cannot be cured may be experienced and the person has to spend a lot on medical expenses. The person can have accident or and also has problems in the hand.

They can be cheated or deceived by friends. If they indulge in lottery, shares and other speculative games then then may also end up being bankrupt.

The native has to face many hurdles while trying to gain education and that education may also remain incomplete.

The person he trusts the most will be the one to cheat him.

He/she may plan a lot for his happiness but may not get desired results. He will have to lead a life of struggle.

Mahapadma Kalsarpa yog


Kalsarp Yog on the 6/12 axis is called Mahapadma Kalsarpa Yog.

Under 6/12 Axis this causes separation from wife, loss of character and lot of problems from seen and unseen enemies can be experienced. Lots of travel is also seen.

Loss or fall in self-confidence can also be seen even after a lot of effort, person is seen to not be able to come out of diseases and illness. Hidden Enemies constantly cause problems in the person’s life.


Taksakh Kalsarpa yog

The yog that is formed from the 7th house to the Lagna is called Taksakh Kaal sarp Yog.

This yog mostly affects the married life and also the property and earnings of the native.

As the seventh house also the present enemies and open opposition, the person will always have trouble from them and he may be troubled by diseases which take a long time to be cured.

He may also face problems for promotion and at times also be demoted.

He may always be under some sort of mental problems and agony.

To be continued…………….

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